New 12-inch MacBook with Apple Silicon will arrive this fall, weighs less than a kilo

Apple is said to be about to unveil an impressive new MacBook. The 12-inch MacBook 2020 would weigh less than a kilogram and run on Apple Silicon.

’12-inch MacBook with Apple Silicon on the way ‘

It’s been a few years since Apple’s 12-inch MacBook was upgraded. The compact model was replaced by the renewed MacBook Air, but that now seems to be changing.

According to The China Times, Apple is breathing new life into the compact MacBook with the arrival of Apple Silicon: Apple ‘s home-made processors that replace Intel.

Apple would develop the MacBook under the code name ‘Tonga’ and equip it with the A14X processor produced by TSMC. In addition to the first ARM MacBook, the weight is also striking: the device would weigh less than one kilogram. Despite this light weight, the battery would still last 15 to 20 hours. Like all other MacBooks, this new 12-inch version is also equipped with USB-C ports.12 inch MacBook Apple Silicon

It is no coincidence that Apple chooses the compact 12-inch MacBook for the ARM processor. The chips designed by Apple are said to be very energy efficient so that the housing can be made smaller and narrower.

We have heard more rumors about the return of the 12-inch MacBook in recent months. Apple would also plan to equip the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with ARM chips soon, although this could take until 2021.

Probably without a butterfly keyboard

When the first 12-inch MacBook appeared, Apple simultaneously introduced the now-infamous butterfly keyboard. This caused problems for years and was completely replaced in the MacBook Air 2020 and MacBook Pro 2020 this year. So you can count on Apple not making that mistake again and equipping this new 12-inch MacBook with the new scissor keyboard.

In addition, it is likely that this new MacBook will run on macOS Big Sur as standard: the major software update that will be released this fall. Big Sur has been specially designed with Apple Silicon in mind and introduces, among other things, a new design. We’ll tell you all about it in the video below.

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