’12-inch MacBook will be the first Mac with an ARM processor’

Apple may release a 12-inch MacBook as the first Mac with its own ARM processor. The device would be equipped with an A14X chip and a butterfly keyboard.

12-inch MacBook with ARM processor

In a message on Reddit, nice Fudge suggests that Apple will release a 12-inch MacBook again, this time with an ARM processor. The tasty base this on rumors about hardware that would be well suited for 2019 deleted 12-inch MacBook.

Apple is currently developing an A14X chip with eight to twelve cores. It would be specially designed for use as the primary processor in a Mac. Fudge adds that there are rumors that Apple is still trying to perfect the lamented butterfly keyboard.12-inch MacBook arm processor

The 12-inch MacBook is, according to the nice, the most plausible candidate to introduce these parts. The butterfly keyboard provides a slightly thinner design, which is one of the more important points of a smaller MacBook. In addition, an A14X offers at least enough power for this device. Finally, it may also become the first Mac with 5G connectivity.

Apple’s switch to ARM processors

It will probably be a while before we see a Mac with Apple’s own chip. According to a previous rumor, the first Mac with an ARM processor will not appear until 2021. Until then, it remains uncertain whether this will indeed be the 12-inch MacBook or whether it is a different device. However, it seems certain that Apple will release a laptop with its own chip next year.

Apple will likely announce the move to ARM processors during WWDC 2020. This year we may also see an iMac with an iPad Pro design appearing at WWDC, but it will likely be equipped with an AMD Navi GPU and a T2 chip.

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