These are 5 creative ways to charge your smartphone

Do you ever struggle with the problem of an almost dying phone without having a charger or socket nearby? That is no longer a problem with these 5 creative charging methods.

5 creative charging methods

It happens to everyone: your phone almost drops out and you cannot charge it at that time. Fortunately, there are also ways to charge your smartphone without a traditional charger. Here are 5 creative charging methods for smartphones.

1. Charge your smartphone with sound

Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea has developed a very unique charging method. The technique generates energy from sounds above 100 decibels. This corresponds to the noise of heavy traffic, an airplane flying above you, or the screams of someone who only has 1% battery left.Charge your smartphone with sound

This is possible due to the current release by vibration of zinc oxide cables between two flexible electrodes. This all sounds very vague, of course, but it means that you can charge phones with loud sounds. The technology may one day be further developed and people from a busy city no longer have to charge their phones so often.

2. Charge your smartphone with a crankshaft

There are also more realistic ways to charge your phone. There are devices with which you charge your smartphone with nothing more than the power of your own wrist.Charge your smartphone with wind or water

This is a power bank with a real crankshaft. The intention is that you connect the smartphone to the device and then rotate a lever as long as possible. After a few minutes of physical exertion, you will have enough energy to switch on your phone again.

3. Charge your smartphone with wind or water

With this method you charge a battery with wind or water energy. These are different devices that are very similar. The chargers both come in the form of a fan, one of which is useful for cyclists and runners, while the other focuses more on rowers and skippers.Charge your smartphone with your body heat

The chargers generate energy when the fan is running. This can be the result of wind or water flow. Have you ever been cycling or sailing for a day, then this is an ideal tool to keep your phone alive.

4. Charge your smartphone with your body heat

There are also lazy ways to charge your smartphone, such as with the Power Pocket from Vodafone. This charges a phone by keeping it in your pocket.power pocket

These are jeans that charge your smartphone enough in eight hours to make almost a half-hour call. The technique generates energy at temperatures of 37 degrees. In contrast to charging your phone with movement, you can simply lie in your bed with the heating on.

5. Charge your smartphone with potatoes and apples

Artist Caleb Charland managed to charge a phone with fruits and vegetables. Try to contain your enthusiasm a bit, however. You do need something more than the ingredients in your meal salad.

To charge your smartphone in this way, you need 800 apples and potatoes connected together with zinc and copper wires. This setup generates an average electric current of 20 mAh and about 6 volts. This is enough to charge a phone.

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