Adding WhatsApp contacts via a QR code: this is how you do it

Do you want to chat with someone via WhatsApp without fiddling with phone numbers? Which can. The chat app has a feature that allows you to add each other by quickly scanning a QR code.

Add a WhatsApp contact via QR code

The advantage of this is that you can add a WhatsApp contact by simply scanning her / his QR code with your phone. That is a lot more convenient than adding someone to your contact list and then sending a message via WhatsApp to see if it worked. When you add someone via QR code, you can text each other directly without all these intermediate steps.

To add a WhatsApp contact via QR code:

  1. Grab your iPhone and open WhatsApp;
  2. Tap the rightmost tab at the bottom: ‘Settings’;
  3. Then press the QR icon next to your name;
  4. Have your QR code scanned by the person who wants to add you;
  5. From now on you can app with each other!

Of course, it also works the other way around. So you can also add others by scanning her / his WhatsApp QR code. To do this, follow the same instructions as above, but choose ‘Scan’ in step 4. Then point your iPhone camera at the QR code of the person you want to add. Does it not work? Then (during step 4) tap on ‘Reset QR code’. Your unique code may have expired.

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