Ads spotted on Samsung phone with leaked One UI version

Ads have been found on Samsung phones with a leaked One UI 2.5 version of the software shell. Samsung does not deny that it wants to show ads on its phones.

Samsung ads

Cheaper Chinese brands such as Realme and Xiaomi are known for showing ads in the software and pre-installed apps in certain markets, but rumors have it that Samsung would also start advertising. A screenshot of a leaked version of Samsung’s unreleased One UI 2.5 skin suddenly shows ads, and according to Tizen Help, they appear on both the lock screen and Samsung apps.

In the screenshot that is shared, we see a very large ad on the lock screen, and the ads even go so far that you have to view them for a while before you can unlock your phone. At the bottom, you will see ’15s’, which indicates that you have to wait 15 seconds before you can unlock your phone.Ads spotted on Samsung phone

The alleged screenshot of the leaked version of One UI 2.5


It seems very unlikely that Samsung applies such an aggressive advertising strategy, even with cheaper devices from the Galaxy M or Galaxy A series. It has been shown in the past that smartphone users react very negatively to advertisements in the interface, and that will certainly be the case if they see a timer like a YouTube advertisement. After all, you still paid for the phone. Last year, we saw that Huawei was experimenting with lock screen ads, but those tests were quickly discontinued.

Android Authority already asked Samsung for a response, but they were only told that Samsung is not responding to rumors and speculation. Do you expect Samsung to integrate ads into the next version of One UI? Would that be a reason for you to look at other smartphone brands? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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