AirDrop Starter Guide: Share files with your iPhone, iPad or Mac

Quickly share a phone number with a friend or send an interesting podcast. AirDrop allows Apple users to quickly and easily share files with each other. In this airdrop starter guide we will help you set up and use this function.

AirDrop: Get started quickly with this starter guide

Does your household use Apple? Or does your group of friends mainly consist of iPhone owners? Then AirDrop is by far the easiest way to share files with each other. In this starter guide, we consider everything you need to know. Are you short on time? Tap one of the links below to go directly to the relevant section of this manual guide by tech largest.

1. What is AirDrop?

AirDrop is super fast and easy to send files in a nutshell. With this function you can effortlessly share apps, contacts, documents, photos, locations, music, podcasts, videos, and even entire websites with (other) iPhones, iPad, and MacBooks. So AirDrop only works between Apple devices.Get started quickly with this starter guide

However, there are a number of things to keep in mind. For example, AirDrop only works when the person you want to send something to is nearby, because the file-sharing uses Bluetooth and WiFi. So both you and the recipient should have these options turned on. The receiver must also be open to receiving materials, as explained in point 3 of this starter guide.

2. Activate AirDrop

Using AirDrop is child’s play. Before you can start sharing files you just need to activate the function. The easiest way to do this on an iPhone or iPad is via the Control panel:

  • Unlock the iPhone / iPad and swipe up from below the screen;
  • Press and hold the block at the top left with the icons for Bluetooth and wifi;
  • You should now see AirDrop appear: tap the icon;
  • Choose whether you want to enable the function for everyone, or just contacts.

Activate AirDropDo you want to use AirDrop on an Apple computer? Which can. Follow the directions below to enable AirDrop for Mac:

  • Make sure the computer is unlocked and switch on Bluetooth and wifi, if this was not already the case;
  • Open the Finder and click on AirDrop in the navigation screen;
  • Choose whether you want to enable the function for everyone, or just contacts.

3. How does AirDrop work?

Do you have a file you want to share with someone nearby? That is very simple. From the app you are currently using, tap the ‘Share’ button, recognizable by the square with an arrow pointing to the ceiling.

Depending on which app you are using, you can either tap AirDrop directly, or you may have to tap ‘Share with’ first. Then you indicate with whom you want to share the photo, song, or website in question. Of course you can tick several people.How does AirDrop work

When someone shares something with you, you will see a warning on your iPad, iPhone or Mac. This notification states what someone wants to send to you. Then it’s up to you to approve this request, but you can also decline the AirDrop invitation. The material enters the app from which it was sent. Photos can be found in the Photos app, for example.

Do you share something between your own Apple devices, for example a photo from your Mac to your iPhone? Then you obviously do not have to accept this AirDrop request. The picture will be sent immediately. Just make sure you ‘re signed in with the same Apple ID on both devices. That way, Apple knows that you own both products, so no permission is needed.

4. Adjust settings

Are you dealing with a prankster who sends unsolicited files via AirDrop? You can do something about this! You can decide who can send things to your Apple device. On an iPhone, open the Settings app for this and then tap ‘General’.

Choose ‘AirDrop’ and then indicate who can share files with you. You can also turn AirDrop off completely. You can also adjust these settings via the Control Panel, as we already showed in step 2 when activating.

More about Apple’s way of sharing files

In general, we are enthusiastic about AirDrop, but of course the function of sharing files is not perfect. So you can sometimes run into problems. File sharing not successful? Then read our article on what to do when AirDrop does not work.

In this guide, we consider the possible solutions for when you encounter problems. Want to read more useful Apple tips? Sign up for our newsletter, or download the free iPhone app for your iPhone and iPad!

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