AirPods automatically switch between Apple devices

Apple has made it easier to switch between different Apple devices. In the past, changing the earbuds between devices did not always go well. Thanks to the latest firmware update, switching between devices will take place automatically.

Anyone who owns the AirPods Pro , AirPods 2nd generation, Apple Beats headphones or headsets with an H1 chip can easily switch between all Apple devices that are equipped with the latest software updates. This way you can easily perform audio tasks without having to manually connect to the AirPods. Automatically switch AirPods between Apple devices.

Advantages auto-connecting from AirPods

All AirPods models and Beats audio devices with a W1 or H chip are able to share the bluetooth connection. You link your AirPods to your own Apple ID and immediately this link was shared with all connected devices. However, you still had to manually connect the AirPods to the relevant device. This is no longer necessary from now on.

Thanks to iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, macOS Big Sur or newer, it is possible to automatically connect to the devices and your AirPods. For example, if you are listening to music on your iPhone and then want to watch a video with the sound from your Mac, the sound will be automatically transferred from iPhone to Mac. You will then be notified of the change via subtle notifications on both devices.AirPOds auto switching

In addition, the AirPods and Beats devices will also automatically connect to the nearest active Apple device when you open the AirPods case. For example, if you have your iPhone active, the AirPods will automatically connect. Is your Mac turned on? Then this connection is established without having to manually press a button.

Disable automatic switching AirPods

The feature is automatically activated when you install iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, macOS Big Sur or later. Would you rather not have the connection established automatically? Then you can disable this following the steps below:

Steps for iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Settings app on an iPhone or iPad
  2. Navigate to Bluetooth
  3. Connect to your AirPods and tap the i button
  4. Navigate to ‘Connect to this [device]’
  5. Choose an option other than ‘Automatic’

auto connect airpodsSteps for Mac

  • Open ▸ System Preferences
  • Navigate to ‘Bluetooth’
  • Connect to your AirPods
  • Next to the AirPods, click on ‘Options’
  • Open the drop-down menu next to ‘Connect to this Mac’
  • Choose ‘Automatic’

auto connect mac airpodsThese settings cannot be found on an Apple Watch because they take over the settings from the iPhone. Also, the settings are not present on an Apple TV because you still have to connect manually on this device because in most cases you use the audio system of your TV.

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