Apple unveils AirPods Max: over-ear headphones with top sound

Apple has officially announced the AirPods Max. The wireless headphones offer the same ease of use as the AirPods and include noise cancellation, with which you can filter out ambient noise. The high-quality headphones start at 629 euros.

AirPods Max officially announced

It has been known for some time that the AirPods Max was coming. The AirPods wireless headphones have popped up several times in rumours. All speculation is now coming to an end, as Apple has made its latest product official. These are the key features of Apple’s new headphones:

  • Wireless AirPods headphones with excellent sound quality
  • Multiple audio features, such as active noise cancellation
  • The battery life of 20 hours
  • Comes in five colors: green, sky blue, space grey, pink and silver
  • Available from December 15th
  • The recommended price of 629 euros

As expected, you wear the headphones over your ears and offer the same ease of use as the AirPods, Apple’s wireless earbuds. You connect the headphones via Bluetooth to your iPhone and/or other devices in the same way as AirPods earbuds.AirPods Max official

Floating headband and active noise cancellation

The headband is made of ventilating mesh so that the weight is evenly distributed over your head. According to Apple, this gives you the feeling that the band is ‘floating’. The frame of the AirPods Max is made of stainless steel and the ‘arms’ are adjustable. On the side is a Digital Crown to adjust the volume.

The AirPods Max also has noise canceling, or active noise cancellation. As soon as you turn this option on, sound from your environment is filtered as much as possible so that your music continues to sound clear. The Max headphones have six microphones on the outside and two on the inside to continuously measure the ambient noise and adjust the noise canceling accordingly.

Audio modes and battery life

Are you going into traffic? Then it is not wise to leave the active noise cancellation on, because then you will hear nothing. It is better to activate the Transparency mode. This mode lets ambient noise through, so you know what’s going on around you.

Furthermore, the AirPods Max has Adaptive EQ. This function ensures that the sound is automatically tuned to the way the ear pads connect to your head. The headset also has spatial audio, a function we know from the AirPods Pro . This mode provides surround sound so that it looks like you’re in the movie.Audio modes and battery life

According to Apple, the AirPods Max lasts 20 hours on a single battery charge. Are you not wearing the headphones for a while? Then store it in the included Smart Case. As soon as you put the Max in here, the headphones switch to an energy-saving mode.

Buy AirPods Max

The AirPods Max headphones cost 629 euros and will be available from December 15. You can choose from five colors: green, sky blue, space gray, pink and silver. A Smart Case and charging cable (Lightning-to-USB-C) are included in the package.

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