‘You can control future AirPods with hand gestures’

Pause music by clenching your fist, or increase the volume by waving your hand. A new patent filed by Apple shows that future AirPods earbuds may recognize hand gestures.

Patent shows AirPods with gesture control

The patent was filed by Apple with the US Patent Office and was discovered by AppleInsider. The website writes that the company is considering giving future AirPods (Pro) new control options. Apple describes in the patent, for example, how you can operate the earplugs with hand gestures.

That way you can increase the volume, for example, by waving your hands up, and vice versa. Furthermore, Apple describes the option to (not) accept a phone call by clenching your fist in front of the earplugs.

The iPhone maker is also thinking about focusing on a more ‘old-fashioned’ form of operation. The patent contains a small sensor that would be placed at the end of the AirPod. By typing this you can, for example, temporarily pause the music.Patent shows AirPods with gesture control

It, therefore, appears that Apple is currently keeping all options open. The patent shows that people are also considering placing a scroll wheel on the earplugs. By turning this wheel, you can adjust the volume and you can, for example, browse music playlists.

Large tech companies such as Apple file dozens of patents on a weekly basis. However, most innovations never see the light of day. It is therefore by no means certain that AirPods will be released that you can operate with hand gestures. However, patents do indicate what the company is working on in the background.

Apple’s musical future

In recent weeks, we have seen more and more documents popping up that clearly relate to a successor to Apple’s popular earplugs. It is, therefore, no big secret that people are working on the AirPods 3 in secret.

Furthermore, it seems that Apple will soon release real over-ear headphones: the AirPods Studio. It promises to combine the ease of use of headphones with the sound quality of the AirPods Pro earbuds.

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