AirPods Pro Tip: This is how you find the ear cushions with the best sound quality

With the Fit Test, you can check exactly what size ear pads you need for the AirPods Pro. This improves the sound quality, active noise reduction and wearing comfort.

AirPods Pro Fit Test: This is how you get the best sound

Those who purchase the AirPods Pro will receive three types of ear pads. That way you always have a size that fits and is comfortable. Now, of course, you can check the old-fashioned way for the ear pads to plug in, but you can also use Apple’s Fit Test. All you need, in addition to the AirPods Pro itself and various ear pads, is the paired iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad;
  2. Select ‘Bluetooth’ and under ‘My devices’ tap the information icon next to the AirPods Pro;
  3. In the newly opened menu, press ‘Fit test’;
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen, tap ‘Continue’ and play the test clip;
  5. With a green text, the earplugs fit like a glove, but with an orange message there is something wrong and you need other ear cushions.

AirPods Pro TipThe Fit Test checks whether the silicone ends fit well in your ears. It is also checked whether the sound is optimal. When you get the text ‘Edit or try a different ear cushion’, the idea is to change the format and run the test again. You can also use a different ear cushion per AirPod Pro: sometimes one ear is bigger than the other.

About the AirPods Pro

Have you lost one or more ear pads? You can order copies from Apple for a few euros each. It is also possible to repair earplugs (individually). Check our article on AirPods Pro repair costs for the exact prices. The AirPods Pro has a suggested retail price of 279 euros. Check the comparator below for the best deals.

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