AirPods Pro sound modes explained: Noise Reduction, Off and Transparency

The AirPods Pro distinguish between three different sound modes: Noise Reduction, Off, and Transparency. In this tip, we explain the three different positions to you.

The three AirPods Pro sound modes explained

The AirPods Pro differs from the regular AirPods with a better fit, a new design, and support for active noise cancellation (or noise-canceling ). Since the earbuds seal your ears a lot better than the normal AirPods, Apple has created three different sound modes that you can switch between. But what exactly does each stand do and when do they come in handy? We’ll go through them with you.AirPods Pro modes explained

1. Noise reduction

This mode activates noise-canceling, so that the AirPods filter out the ambient noise. As a result, for example, the buzz in a noisy coupé disappears and you can listen to music better without setting the volume to maximum.

With noise reduction, the AirPods repel the sound of your environment with a counter noise that continuously adapts to the situation and fit of your ears. The microphone on the outside of the AirPods registers the ambient noise and the speaker on the inside blocks this with a counter noise, which switches off the sound of your surroundings. According to Apple, the sound is adjusted 200 times per second.

Noise reduction is therefore especially useful when you are in the office or on the train, but not when you participate in traffic. For example, by blocking ambient noise, you can hear cars coming badly, which of course entails the necessary dangers. Fortunately for those situations, there are two other AirPods modes that you can activate.

2. Off

The Off mode simply turns off the noise cancellation, but that doesn’t mean the AirPods Pro will immediately sound the same as the regular AirPods. The silicone earplugs make your ears much better closed to your environment, so you still hear less about what is happening around you. Good news if you want to listen to music or a podcast, but still want to get something from your environment.airpods pro pressure sensors

It is best to activate the Off mode when you walk on the street, or if you are in a quiet room where noise reduction does not add anything.

3. Transparency

The new Transparency mode is an interesting one. Apple has added this mode so that even with the AirPods Pro in your ears you can just hear everything that is happening around you. Once you activate this mode, the earbuds amplify specific sounds around you, such as voices. As a result, you can simply have a conversation with someone as if you are not wearing earplugs, although you will probably have to explain to this person that you simply understand them.

Because Transparency amplifies sounds, this mode can sometimes make specific sounds sound louder than intended. We found out that tapping on a keyboard suddenly sounds much louder than intended, which does not make this mode perfect. Let’s hope Apple can fine-tune this with a software update, because the idea of ​​this mode is very practical.

Want to know more about the AirPods Pro?

There are several ways you can activate these modes. You can do this via the Control panel of your iPhone, on your Apple Watch, or by holding down the stems of the AirPods Pro. Want to know more about the ways in which you operate the AirPods Pro and want more useful tips? Check our overview below and get the most out of the AirPods Pro.

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