How to Factory Reset Apple AirPods: Reset your AirPods in 3 steps

Having problems with your AirPods? Then try to reset the earbuds to factory settings. How to reset AirPods.

AirPods reset in 3 steps

Are your AirPods draining faster than usual, has the sound quality deteriorated, or are you having other problems? Then try resetting the wireless earbuds. So you start again with a clean slate. Here’s how to bring AirPods to factory settings:

  1. Put both AirPods in the charging case;
  2. Open the cover and hold the configuration button on the back for 15 seconds;
  3. Release when the charging box light starts flashing orange. As soon as you see a white light, the AirPods are reset.

AirPods reset in 3 stepsThe earbuds have now been reset to factory settings. This means that the AirPods must be paired with your iPhone again. You also have to reset certain preferences, such as double-tap to use Siri or play a song.

Why reset AirPods?

You don’t necessarily have to have issues with your AirPods to reset them. For example, if you want to give the earplugs away to someone else, it is useful that the connection with your iPhone has been forgotten. Cleaning the AirPods for sale is very hygienic.

Moreover, you can solve a lot of problems by restoring the earbuds to factory settings. When the battery runs out quickly, the sound quality leaves something to be desired or you continuously hear a cracking sound, it is useful to reset your AirPods. Bluetooth problems may also be solved by this.

About the AirPods 2

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