‘AirPods Studio in mass production in a few weeks’

The AirPods Studio Apple’s long-awaited over-ear headphones would soon be mass-produced. It seems that a revelation will not belong in coming.

AirPods Studio Mass Production to Start Soon

For years, we’ve heard about Apple’s plans to make high-end headphones that you put over your ears, but over the past few months and weeks, these rumors have become more and more concrete. The Information is throwing some new oil on the fire with a report that Apple would be about to mass-produce the device.

The AirPods Studio mass production is the last step in the process before the product is unveiled and becomes available. Anonymous sources state that the headphones can be ordered from June or July. Apple would choose to produce some of the headphones in Vietnam.AirPods Studio Mass Production to Start Soon

With that, Apple would be in good time to unveil the AirPods Studio during WWDC 2020, a rumor we have heard before. The annual developer fair WWDC will take place on June 22 this year and will be fully digital. While the event is primarily about software, with reveals of iOS 14 and new versions of watchOS and more, the company sometimes presents new products there as well.

Apple would like to make an over-ear version of the popular earplugs with the AirPods Studio. Although the Studio is very different in design and size, it looks a lot like the small wireless earplugs in terms of ease of use.

Magnetic parts and neck detection

In addition, the Studio would consist of magnetic parts that you can easily change. For example, you can use a fabric headband that allows air to pass through during sports and change it later to a leather version. With built-in ear and neck detection, the headphones know when to take them off and put them on, so the music can be automatically paused or resumed. Do you want to know more about the AirPods Studio? Check the overview below with the most important rumors.

Source: The Information

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