AirPods Studio Headphones Adjust Control Based On Wear Position

Apple’s over-ear headphones are getting closer, so we learn more and more about the smart techniques that are incorporated. We are now learning more about how you operate the headphones.

How AirPods Studio wear detection works

In recent months we have already seen several rumors about these over-ear headphones from Apple. The patent that Patently discovered Apple builds on this. Unlike the AirPods that you only put in your ears one way, you can wear the AirPods Studio in many ways.

For example, there are people who wear the headband that holds the two earphones together over their heads. But there are at least as many people who put the headphones on tilted so that the band is placed on their neck.AirPods Studio Headphones

Apple takes this into account by independently adjusting the control of the headphones depending on the wearing position. The ‘earcups’ of the headphones are equipped with a touch-sensitive surface, so you can, for example, change the volume by swiping up or down.

Therefore, it is imperative that the AirPods Studio knows what “up” and “down” is, regardless of how you have the headphones on your ears.

The AirPods Studio knows this through sensors on both the inside and outside of the headphones. The inner sensors look at the position of your ear and thus know exactly whether they are placed upright or tilted.

The sensors on the outside register whether the headphones come into contact with your head. By combining these two measurements, the AirPods Studio knows exactly what angle the earcups are on your head.

When does the AirPods Studio come?

The AirPods Studio has been wandering the rumor circuit for several months. A number of rumors point to an unveiling this fall, possibly at the same time as the iPhone 12.

The headphones should appeal to the target audience who want the ease of use of the AirPods, but prefer headphones that are placed completely over your ears. This ensures better sound quality. Want to know more about the AirPods Studio? Check our overview below with the main rumors.

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