‘Teardown: This is why the AirPower was dropped’

The deleted AirPower suffered from heart problems. The coils were too close together, making the charging mat too hot. That and more is evident from a teardown of the alleged AirPower.

AirPower teardown surfaced

In a teardown, an electronic device is taken apart to see how the product is technically put together. The AirPower’s teardown was discovered by Mr.white, an anonymous Twitter account that regularly shares accurate information about new Apple products.

When looking at the photos, the placement of the coils is particularly striking: they are very close together. Because these parts generate heat, the AirPower may not have been able to dissipate that heat properly.AirPower teardown

Furthermore, the teardown shows few surprises. The AirPower looks about the same under the hood as a lot of competitors. Moreover, the question is whether this really concerns the AirPower. Official Apple logos or references to the company are missing.

AirPower has been scrapped, or not?

The AirPower was officially scrapped in 2019. However, several telecom insiders claim that it is not over and out for Apple’s charging mat. Recently, Apple analyst Jon Prosser, who for example correctly predicted the release date of the iPhone SE 2020 , said that the problems with the AirPower are currently being resolved.

More about the AirPower

The AirPower was a wireless charging mat that could charge three devices simultaneously, such as your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Apple has publicly shown the charger several times. The charging mat also often appeared in new versions of iOS, commercials, and concept images.

Apple pulled the plug from AirPower in March 2019, in its own words because the charging mat did not meet the quality requirements. Anyone who wants to provide her or his Apple stuff with power without a cable must, therefore, switch to other products. Find the best substitutes in our guide to AirPower alternatives.

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