Are you being stalked with an AirTag? That’s how you turn it off

Unfortunately, the AirTag has its drawbacks. It turns out that the device can also be used for stalking. Oops. What is Apple doing to prevent this? And how can you disable an unwanted AirTag? You can read it in this article.

Stalked? This way you can turn off the AirTag

Apple has thought about possible unwanted tracking of people with the AirTag. For example, the Apple tracker gives a signal after three days when something is wrong. The AirTag does this by playing a sound for 15 seconds. When you find an AirTag, you want to disable it as soon as possible to end the tracking.

1. Detect unknown AirTag

You can discover an unknown AirTag in two different ways. For example, the AirTag can play a sound after three days if it has been removed from the paired iPhone for too long. Your own iPhone can also detect an unknown or unwanted AirTag. You will receive a notification about this after some time.

2. Lost AirTag or stalking

Not sure whether it is a lost AirTag? You can easily check this by holding the AirTag against your iPhone (or other device with NFC). If the AirTag is in Lost Mode, you will also see contact information and a message from the owner.

3.Disable AirTag

If the AirTag is not registered as lost, it is best to remove the battery from the tracking device. You do this by turning the silver-colored disk with the Apple logo anti-clockwise and then removing the battery.

disable airtag

After removing the battery, the AirTag will stop tracking and displaying your location. A big disadvantage is that it is not possible to find out who placed the device.

AirTag FAQ

There is plenty to say about the new tracking device from Apple. In addition to the possible disadvantages, the AirTag fortunately also has a lot of advantages. After reading our in-depth article with 13 details about Apple’s tracker you should know, you’ll be up to date right away.

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