AirTag: 6 expectations for Apple’s first tracker

It would be unveiled at the same time as the iPhone 12: the AirTag. Apple’s first truly new device in a long time will help you easily find lost items. In this article, we set out our expectations for the AirTag.

What is the AirTag?

The AirTag is a bluetooth tracker; a device that emits a signal that can be received by your iPhone. For example, by putting the tracker in your backpack, you can see exactly where it is on your iPhone. A lot of information has already been leaked, and we are bundling this in our AirTag expectations.

1. Central location in the Search My app

From leaked iOS icons and images of 13 showed that AirTag given a central place in the Find My app default on your iPhone is.What is AirTag

Just like your other Apple devices, you will soon see the exact location of the AirTag appear on a map. By tapping it, you can get directions, get notified if the Tag is found, or report the device as lost.

2. Completely waterproof with simple design

Because you want to be able to find the AirTag anytime, anywhere, Apple has opted for a simple design. The AirTag looks like a small white disk with the Apple logo in the center. There are no connections or other inputs on the tracker. This also ensures that the device is resistant to the elements.

According to rumors, the AirTag is completely waterproof. The tracker would also be able to withstand large amounts of dust. That’s nice, because in theory this device survives even the dustiest backpack.

3. Wireless charging, just like the Apple Watch

Because as said there will be no connections on the Tag, there is also no place for a Lightning cable. Instead, the accessory will soon be easy to charge as you do with an Apple Watch. You simply place the device on a wireless charger.

If we look at the presumed shape, it could well be that you just put the Tag on the same charger as the Apple Watch, which keeps it magnetic and secure.

4. Special AR function to find the Tag quickly

Have you lost the Tag? Then the map in the Find My app is sufficient to know roughly where it is. However, such a map becomes a lot less useful if you are in the same building where the Tag is located.This is how an Apple Watch is charged.

This is how an Apple Watch is charged.

As soon as you get close to the Tag, you can also use a special AR function. With the press of a button, the camera of the iPhone opens, with which you can see where the Tag is located thanks to augmented reality. For example, an icon will appear above the sofa, or in front of the door of the cupboard where you accidentally left it in.

5. Extra precise thanks to Ultra-Wideband technology

The success of the AirTag obviously depends on how accurately you can find out the location of the device. Fortunately, Apple is also aware of this, because several rumors show that the company wants to use the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology.

This technology is also present in the iPhone 11 , iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max . Ultra-Wideband is a very accurate technique that transmits radio signals in a small area, so that it consumes little power.

This allows an iPhone to better determine its place indoors so that the technology works more accurately than Bluetooth or WiFi. By also equipping the AirTag with UWB, its location can be determined very precisely. A lot better than how similar trackers (such as those from Tile) do that with Bluetooth.

An iPhone with UWB and the Apple Tag can map the distance to each other in detail. This is done by calculating the time it takes for a radio wave to travel from one device to another. This allows an iPhone to bring you up to 5 centimeters from the Tag. To give you an idea: that accuracy is about 100 times better than Bluetooth and WiFi, which are difficult at a distance of 5 meters.

6. Unveiling during iPhone 12 event?

We have been hearing rumors about the arrival of the AirTag for months and according to several insiders, the compact tracker will be announced at the same time as the iPhone 12. That will probably be the beginning of October.Unveiling during iPhone 12 event

Normally, September is always dominated by the new iPhones, but that will change this year. Due to corona, September now ‘only’ concerns a new iPad (2020), iPad Air 2020, Apple Watch 6 and the cheaper Apple Watch SE. The iPhone 12 , iPhone 12 Pro , iPhone 12 Pro Max, and alleged iPhone 12 mini would not be announced until October.

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