Reset AirTag: This is how you reset the tracker to factory settings

Do you want to sell or give your AirTag to someone else? Then you have to reset the AirTag. In this tip we explain how to do that.

Tip: This is how you can reset an AirTag

The AirTag is a very handy device. For example, you can hang it on your key ring or backpack, so you can always find it via the Search My app on your iPhone. The small tracker is about the same size as a bottle cap and with a cover you can easily attach it to your most important items.

As soon as you link an AirTag, it is automatically linked to your Apple ID. This is very useful if you have lost your things, but if you want to give it to someone else, you will have to reset the AirTag first. It is important that you are within the Bluetooth range of the AirTag with your iPhone. That is how it works.

  1. Open the Find My app;
  2. In the ‘Objects’ tab, tap the AirTag you want to remove;
  3. Swipe up so that you can see all the settings of the AirTag;
  4. Tap ‘Delete Item’ at the bottom;
  5. Tap ‘Delete’ again to confirm your choice.

How to factory reset your AirTags manually

Reset AirTag manually

If your AirTag is not within range of a paired iPhone, you can also manually reset the tracker. Unfortunately, this is a lengthy process. It is therefore much more convenient to be within the Bluetooth range of the AirTag. If there is no other option, follow the steps below:

  1. Push in the metal part and turn a quarter turn;
  2. The top part will now pop off. Take the battery out for a moment and put it back in;
  3. Push the metal part so that the AirTag makes a sound;
  4. Repeat this four times so that you hear a sound four times;
  5. After you have heard this sound a total of five times, but the metal part back on and turn it back a quarter turn.

More about the AirTag

Apple’s new tiny tracker lets you find your stuff via the Find My app on your iPhone. Do you want to know more about the AirTag? We answer all your questions in our  AirTag FAQ. We also give you useful tips. For example, we explain how to set the AirTag  and how to replace the battery.

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