New Amazon fitness tracker can measure your emotional state

The Amazon Halo Band has been launched in the United States. That is a fitness tracker that can also measure your emotions thanks to the tone of your voice. This also gave you more insight into your mental energy and how you deal with social contacts.

Amazon Halo band

The traditional fitness tracker can count your steps and automatically recognize activities. In most cases, manufacturers still come up with sleep analysis and in their health apps, you can sometimes register your nutritional intake along with your weight. Amazon’s Halo Band takes over those popular features, but it also sets other accents at the same fitness tracker halo emotions

First, there is measuring your emotional state, and the Halo Band measures that using smart algorithms that analyze the tone of your voice in your communication. You can better place your feelings and you can also make connections between your feelings and social contacts.

According to Amazon, the Halo band can indicate that, for example, an annoying work phone call can have a negative impact on your conversations at home.

Sensors and privacy

The Halo Band is equipped with two microphones, an accelerometer that registers movements, a temperature gauge and a heart rate sensor. The fitness tracker also comes with an app in which you can consult your health data, but Amazon also lets you calculate the fat percentage of your body based on a photo you take with your smartphone’s camera.

According to Amazon, the Body Scan system works more comfortably than measurements at the doctor and is also more accurate than the results of a smart scale. Another important aspect of the Halo Band is privacy, because the band measures health data, but also your halo revealed

Your health data is exchanged with the cloud servers in an encrypted manner and users can delete the data at any time. The images from Body Scan are erased from the cloud after processing and your voice is only analyzed locally on your phone. Amazon will also delete the data after the analysis.


Amazon is introducing a temporary period in which consumers can buy the Halo Band for the equivalent of 55 euros, but after that, it will cost around 83 euros. The fitness tracker is currently only for sale in the United States.

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