Android 11 Beta: this is how you activate the media controls in quick settings

Google has announced the first beta version of Android 11 and this version contains a number of useful new features. For example, the media control has moved to the quick settings. We explain how to enable this feature in Android 11 Beta.

Android 11 Beta

Android 11 Beta has been announced and this software includes many new features like the chat bubbles, smart home control, app suggestions, and media control in the quick settings. This redesigned media control is not activated by default in Android 11 Beta. We, therefore, explain in this article where you can turn this function on.

Media controls in the quick settings

The media controls have moved to the quick settings in Android 11 Beta. This way you can easily play, pause or rewind or fast forward music or podcasts at the top of the notifications screen. For this media control, swipe down from the home screen. Then you will see a small view of the media buttons. If you swipe down again, you will see a more extensive menu with possibilities. Swipe left and right to switch between music and podcasts.

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You can also stream the music or podcast from this view to headphones or speakers instead of your phone. Unfortunately, support for Wi-Fi or cast devices is not yet 11 control quick settings turn on

Enable new media control

  1. Go to Settings> About phone
  2. Then tap the ‘build number’ at least seven times
  3. You will then see that you are a developer
  4. Go to Settings> System> Advanced> Developer options
  5. Scroll to the ‘Media’ heading and enable ‘Media resumption’

The new Android 11 media control has gained a more prominent place in the interface in this beta software. That does not mean that we will also see the feature in the final Android 11 version. Google can still decide not to implement new functions, as we saw earlier with the chat bubbles in Android 10.

You can read all about the new features of Android 11 Beta in this article and you can go here for instructions on how to install Android 11 Beta on your phone.

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