Apple AirTags: Android phones help find lost items

Apple’s new AirTags launched yesterday, and they can help all iPhone users worldwide find lost items. Although Android users can also contribute thanks to an NFC connection, as it turns out.

Android and AirTags

On Tuesday, Apple held a major launch event where it introduced the highly anticipated AirTag in addition to new iPads. These are small Bluetooth trackers such as the Tile or Samsung SmartTag that help you find lost items. And while Android users cannot use AirTags themselves, the phones do help locate lost items belonging to AirTag users. This enables 9To5Mac based on a support article Apple.

A big advantage of the AirTag is that every iPhone user automatically helps to find your lost items. As soon as you report an item as missing, users will be notified when another iPhone has detected it nearby. You will then receive the location data, without the other knowing that your object is nearby.Apple AirTags Android phones help find lost items

Message via NFC

This system I described above only works for other iPhones that can help the AirTag user. If you are near an AirTag with your Android phone, no notification will appear on the iPhone associated with the tag. However, if you find the lost item with the tag, you can use your phone’s NFC function to scan the tag. You will then see a personal text message from the AirTag owner. It will contain a telephone number so that you can contact us.

Samsung is following Apple’s approach and also letting other Galaxy users help find your lost stuff with SmartTag. However, it is not possible to scan a tag via NFC. Apple also equips its AirTags with an ultra-wideband (UWB) connection that helps you determine the location of your objects more accurately than with Bluetooth. Samsung’s trackers only work with the SmartTag + with UWB.

What do you think of the new AirTags? Are you sad that they only work on iOS devices, or are there plenty of good alternatives to follow you? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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