Android Auto issue on Samsung phones fixed in July update

Samsung will soon come up with a solution to the problems that users of Galaxy phones experience with Android Auto. Currently, a limited group of users are experiencing crashes in Android Auto.

Android Auto and Samsung

There are more than 100 million cars compatible with Android Auto , but a small group of users who own a Samsung phone get it wrong. Android Auto then crashes regularly when you unlock the phone. The problem occurs on Galaxy S21 phones among some of the users, but it can also be seen in combination with other Samsung devices.

That makes the service very unpleasant to use, but a fix is ​​on the way, according to a post from Google on the Android Auto Help forum. Samsung and Google were aware of the flaw, and because it is with Galaxy phones, Samsung will fix it as part of the July 2021 security update. We expect to see it on the brand’s flagships by the end of this month.Android Auto issue

Android Auto Errors

Android Auto also had a bug where WhatsApp messages were read by the Google Assistant in a crazy English accent for a while, but that bug has since been fixed. Another error makes the music pause when you open an app on your phone.

It was previously announced that Android Auto will work with Google’s work account, and at Google I/O, the company announced its ambitions for digital car keys. With Android 12 and a compatible car, you will be able to open the door with your phone. Google is also betting on Android Automotive, the younger brother of Android Auto.

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  1. Unfortunately, the July update didn’t fix the issue with Android Auto crashing when I unlock my phone. Not for me, at any rate.


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