Android Auto: set the music in your car with an equalizer

You can use equalizers to play the music you have on your smartphone completely according to your own taste in your car. We explain how to adjust the stereo of your car to your liking and choose a pleasant balance of high tones and bass tones in your car.

Android Auto tune music

Android Auto ensures that your phone plays an important role while you are on the road by car. Your car reads aloud notifications thanks to the Google Assistant, you navigate with Google Maps and many of your familiar music and podcast apps can simply be found directly in the Android Auto interface.

As soon as you also use Android Auto to play music in apps like Spotify, instead of a simple connection via Bluetooth between your phone and your car’s infotainment system, your phone’s equalizer will take the upper hand.kink android car

The KINK app for Android Auto

What is an equalizer?

The equalizer is a tool in which the different sound tones of your music are balanced. If you suddenly start boosting the bass on your smartphone, you will also notice that difference in your car while using Android Auto. It can therefore be interesting to adjust the music on your phone to your liking so that you also reap the benefits on the road when your speakers are extra loud.

Equalizer in Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music

Many popular music apps come with their own built-in equalizer, and an example of this is the popular Spotify. In that equalizer, you can manually adjust the different volumes of the tones, or you can choose from different preset presets. For example, if you only listen to heavy metal, Spotify has a ready-made preset for that that you can select from the dropdown menu.

You can find the equalizer in Spotify as follows: Settings > Sound quality > Equalizer. Furthermore, YouTube Music has also had an equalizer for two years and the same applies to Apple Music.Equalizer in Spotify

Spotify’s built-in equalizer with all its presets

Equalizer apps

Android has many equalizer apps and they often work in combination with popular music services, and they often come with extra functionalities. One of those well-known apps is Music Equalizer Volume Changer & Bass Booster.

This app comes with many presets for numerous genres that you can also tweak yourself. The app also has an amplifier function for your sound and you can simulate the effect of surround. It is also interesting that you can easily adjust your equalizer using widgets on the start (screen of your phone. Android Auto music car equalizer.

  • Music Equalizer Volume Changer & Bass Booster in Play Store

Which equalizer app do you use? Have you already adjusted your music completely to your liking for Android Auto? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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