September security update for Pixels phones available

Google has just released the latest security update for its Pixel smartphones. This update closes again with several security vulnerabilities.

September security update for Pixels phones

Google is closing various vulnerabilities in Android with the monthly security updates. These updates can always be installed on your Pixel phone via an image or an Over The Air (OTA) update. Manufacturers of Android phones are always informed of all vulnerabilities found so that they can also get started with a security update. Samsung is once again faster than Google with the release of this September security update for its phones.

Vulnerabilities Fixed

In the Security Bulletin, Google indicates where the various vulnerabilities were located, including a link that leads to a page that provides more information about the vulnerability in question. There is also a ranking that makes it clear to what extent there has been a risk. You have critical errors, but also errors that are less of a update for Pixels phones

Google has again fixed several critical and less critical security vulnerabilities this month, this time fixing a total of 26 bugs of which 3 were labeled critical. Android 11 was recently announced and Google also announced in the Pixel Phone Help community which features are specifically intended for Pixel devices.

Install security update

If you have a Pixel phone, you can download the security update via an OTA update. You can also install the security update manually. You will find here information on how you can do. The Factory Images can be found here and the OTA files can be found here. Don’t have a Pixel phone? Then you have to wait for the manufacturer of your phone to roll out its security update.

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