Android TV gets’ Voice Match ‘and’ low latency mode ‘for gaming’

Android TV will soon recognize your voice with the Google Assistant for more personal help and Google is preparing a special gaming mode.

Android TV

The Google Assistant has been working with Android TV for several years and in many cases, we also see a Google Assistant button on the remote control of smart TVs. Now it also seems that Google is working on an important improvement for the Assistant on Android TV because it will work with Voice Match. 9To5Google discovered this in the code of the Google Search app for Android TV.

Voice Match ensures that your smart television recognizes your voice and that way the Assistant can distinguish you from your roommates. That way you also get access to more advanced features related to your personal Google account. You can ask the Assistant about your calendar, the traffic on the way to work, your playlists in Spotify, and much more.Android TV

Auto Low Latency

Furthermore, more has become known about an Android TV function thanks to the leaked firmware of the upcoming Chromecast Ultra 2 stick. XDA Developers noted that Google is preparing an ‘Auto Low Latency’ mode. This allows the connected device to stream video to your TV without image processing afterward, helping to reduce network delay.Android TV gets

The feature would be enabled automatically in applications where low latency is desired, such as in games. It has been known for some time that Google wants to bring its Stadia gaming service to Android TV this year, and it makes sense that Auto Low Latency Mode will work when gaming on Stadia. Although there are other applications for which the novelty can be a welcome addition.

It is not yet known when we can expect Voice Match and Auto Low Latency. Do you think they are good additions to Android TV? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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