Installing and using Apple CarPlay in your car: that’s how you do it

Navigate safely, make hands-free calls and listen to your favorite music on the go: it’s all possible with Apple CarPlay. In this article, we’ll show you how to get Apple’s car system working.

Install Apple CarPlay in two ways

Using your iPhone safely behind the wheel: that’s Apple CarPlay in a nutshell. Apple’s platform for on the go, unlike its major competitor Android Auto, is officially available in the Netherlands. As soon as you turn on CarPlay, you will see a modified version of your iPhone screen on the dashboard of your car. Installation can be done in two ways: with or without a cable.

Index: Install Apple CarPlay

  1. With cable
  2. Wireless

1. With cable

Does your car have a USB connection? Then installing Apple CarPlay is child’s play. Simply connect your iPhone to the USB input of your car via a suitable cable (Lightning to USB).

You should see the ‘app’ on the dashboard of your car and you can drive away immediately. Is this not so? Then tap the CarPlay logo on the screen in your car to start things up.

CarPlay works closely with Siri, so make sure you have Apple’s voice assistant activated on your iPhone. It is also important to store your iPhone in a good and sturdy place while driving. This way it cannot shift while driving.

2. Wireless

You can also install Apple CarPlay wirelessly, but your car must support this option. This is especially the case for new models: most cars that are a few years old cannot work with the wireless version of Apple CarPlay. To check whether your (intended) car has this, it is best to contact the dealer or manufacturer.

Can you use CarPlay wirelessly in your car? Then follow the steps below to install it:

1. Turn on pairing mode

Get into your car and make sure the Bluetooth pairing mode is activated. In many cars you do this by pressing and holding the voice command button on the steering wheel;

2. Grab your iPhone

On your iPhone, go to the Settings app, tap ‘General’ and choose ‘CarPlay’;

3. Pair car and phone

You should now see your car under the heading ‘Available cars’. Choose the vehicle.

With some cars that support wireless CarPlay, you can connect the iPhone by connecting it to the USB port of your car. You will be asked if you want to automatically connect wirelessly next time. If you agree, your iPhone will be connected directly to your car the next time, without you having to do anything.

More about Apple CarPlay

Do you want to know more about CarPlay? Check the video below for a short introduction. In short, CarPlay is Apple’s on-the-go operating system. Because you have to stay concentrated behind the wheel, it looks a bit more sober. You can personalize the ‘car screen’ slightly by, for example, choosing your own CarPlay background.

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