Apple Glass costs $ 499 and will be released in late 2020

The high word is out. Apple will announce its first glasses later this year. This Apple Glass will cost $ 499 and will be unveiled simultaneously with the iPhone 12. The glasses will have their own operating system but will need an iPhone.

Apple Glass Award announced

Jon Prosser claims that and more in the latest video from Front Page Tech, his YouTube channel. Prosser has made a name for itself in the Apple world in recent weeks by publishing early designs, presentation dates, and recommended prices. It is not clear where he gets this information, but he probably has good contacts within the Cupertino company.

According to Prosser, the glasses will simply be called Apple Glass. According to the insider, the device looks like regular glasses, but with a few smart functions and possibilities. For example, you can view information through the glasses of the glasses. Prosser does not reveal exactly how this works, but you may be able to read e-mails, for example, by putting on the glasses.

The insider further claims that Apple Glass price will cost $ 499. There are still costs for the glasses themselves, which are prescription. Just like with normal glasses, the price, therefore, consists of the frame on the one hand and the lenses on the other.

“Looks like average glasses”

Speaking of the frame, Prosser claims the Apple Glass is made of plastic. He does take a shot at this, as he may have seen prototype images and may change the actual design before the glasses are revealed.Apple Glass Award announced

The presentation will take place at the end of 2020, Prosser claims. According to him, the Apple Glass will be unveiled during the annual keynote. At the same time, the iPhone 12 is also likely to be unveiled, Apple’s new smartphone. However, the coronavirus may still throw a spanner in the works. Due to production problems, the Apple Glass can therefore also be unveiled in early 2021, Prosser believes.

Glasses work with iPad

So the mysterious Apple device supposedly looks like regular glasses, with a LiDAR scanner on the side. We have already seen such a depth sensor on the new iPad Pro. According to Prosser, this is no coincidence, because the two are going to work closely together. The tablet and glasses can thus send augmented reality images (ar) to each other.

The Apple Glass is a standalone device, but it does need an iPhone to work. Prosser claims that all data is processed on a phone. This statement is credible because the first version of the Apple Watch did exactly the same.

Finally, Prosser claims that you can control the Apple Glass with swipes. Again, he doesn’t go into details, but perhaps you can reject an incoming message by, for example, making a disposable gesture with your hands. Incidentally, there is no sunglasses version (with tinted glasses) of the Apple Glass.

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