Apple may launch its first AR glasses in 2021

For Apple, this could just be the year of Apple AR glasses 2021. According to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company plans to release its first augmented reality device in 2021. There is a good chance that this is Apple Glass, which was rumored to be so many last year.

Apple glasses in 2021

Last year, Jon Prosser already reported that 2021 will be the year of Apple’s first AR glasses. Apple would already present this in the spring, after which the device will be for sale at the end of 2021 or early 2022. They were predictions that other Apple insiders questioned quite a bit.

Now those rumors are suddenly a lot more plausible. Kuo reports that Apple plans to release an augmented reality device in 2021. The Apple Oracle doesn’t get more specific. It probably concerns AR glasses, but there have also been rumors that Apple is working on an AR headset.

What can Apple Glass do?

Kuo does not come with more details, but Prosser already gave concrete information about the AR glasses, which he says is called Apple Glass. The glasses would be used for augmented reality, which superimposes a virtual layer on reality.

For calculations, the AR glasses – just like the Apple Watch – completely depend on the iPhone. A camera is missing for privacy. However, a LiDAR scanner is integrated, with which the Apple Glass sees depth. Other than that, it would look like normal glasses and cost about $ 499.

More predictions

The augmented reality device will not be the only completely new Apple product of 2021. This must also (finally) be the year in which the AirTag will be released. This is a Bluetooth tracker that helps you track personal belongings, such as your key ring or wallet, via the Find My app.

Kuo also confirms some previous rumors. This year, new AirPods, new Apple Silicon Macs and the first Apple devices with mini LED will appear. The iPad Pro is probably the first product to get a mini LED screen.

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