Easily test Mac for hardware problems

Are you experiencing problems with your Mac? Then it is best to test it for hardware problems. Since OS X 10.8.4, Mac users can run the Apple Hardware Test. This test checks various components in your Mac and indicates if there are any particular problems.

It is advisable to perform this test a few times a year to detect problems in time. In addition to indicating problems, the test also provides solutions so that you are immediately helped. This is generally known as the Apple Hardware Test, however for June 2013 or newer Macs, this option is called “Apple Diagnostics.”

Run Apple Hardware Test on a Mac

How to activate the hardware test (Apple Diagnostics) depends on your Mac. For example, there is a difference between the Apple Silicon Macs and a computer with an Intel processor. Follow the steps below.

Apple Silicon

  • Restart your Mac and continue holding the power button while the Mac boots up
  • Release when you see the boot options window (gear icon)
  • Now hold down the command⌘ + D keys
  • Your Mac will automatically restart and the test will start

Intel processor

  • Turn on your Mac
  • Immediately hold the D key while the Mac boots up
  • Release when you see a progress bar or language selection screen
  • The test is started

Apple Hardware Test on a MacThis can take a few minutes, after this check a report will be made. When problems are found, they are displayed and you can request more information by clicking on the various links with the mouse. If no problems are found, this will also be reported and you can restart the Mac.

If you are performing this test on a Macbook, it is recommended that you connect the mains adapter so that it can also be tested.

You can also find out the serial number of your Mac through this procedure. This is useful when you can no longer log in and still want to consult the serial number. Click here for more options to view your Mac’s serial number.

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