Apple iOS 13.5 officially released along with iPadOS 13.5 and more

Apple has officially released the iOS 13.5 update for its iPhones. IPadOS 13.5, tvOS 13.4.5, and iOS 12.4.7 are also available for download from now on.

iOS 13.5 officially released

Apple iOS 13.5 official has already released multiple betas of iOS 13.5 but is now launching the final version. IPads will also receive the 13.5 updates. In this case, this is in the form of an iPadOS . Older iPhones and iPads also receive an update, but to version 12.4.7.

iOS 13.5 comes with the final version of the corona contact moment tracking application. In addition, the update brings improvements for FaceID. Users can now also easily unlock their devices if they wear mouth masks. In addition, users are treated to an additional option for group calls via FaceTime and some bug fixes.

.1 Corona Tracking API

The most notable change, of course, is the added API that allows corona apps to spot exposure to the virus. The user will then be notified when he or she has been around an infected person.Corona Tracking API

The tracking apps know this because they use Bluetooth creatively. When people get close to each other, this can be seen from the signal strength between their devices. This makes it unnecessary to trace the actual location of people. This feature is only available to people using an official corona app promoted by the government.

.2 FaceID with mask

Furthermore, FaceID has been improved for people who wear mouth masks. Previously, users were annoyed that they were not recognized with a mask on. After this, they had to choose to unlock the device with a pin code. This situation is accelerated now that FaceID recognizes face masks. The number of keys appears immediately if you use facial recognition while wearing a mask.

.3 Turning off automatic magnification in FaceTime

Previously, FaceTime automatically enlarged the image of the person talking. Apple has now added an optional extra option to change this. You can now choose to turn this off. This keeps your image the same as with others, even when you are speaking.

To download the update, go to Settings> General> Software Update. Here you will see the update appear, after which you can easily install it. This also applies to people who want to update to iPadOS 13.5.

Updates for other devices

In addition to iOS and iPadOS 13.5, Apple has also released tvOS 13.4.5. This version comes without new major features but does bring some bug fixes. The update is available for the latest generation of Apple TV HD and the Apple TV 4K. You can update at Settings> System> Software update.Updates for other devices

Finally, a new iOS version is available for older iPhones and iPads. These devices receive the update to iOS 12.4.7. The update also adds the corona tracker API to the older iPhones. The update for iPads does not bring this functionality.

Apple also recently released an update for its watches. The Apple Watch then received watchOS 6.2.5. With this, some new watch faces were added that are completely in the theme of the Pride month. These dials are inspired by the rainbow flag and can be combined with matching straps.

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