Apple Magic Trackpad 2: All About Apple’s Trackpad for Mac

Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2 is a separate trackpad that you can use with your Mac or MacBook. More and more often we see that the trackpad is used in combination with the iPad. Is this a useful accessory for you? And what are the advantages over Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 and other mice? You can read all about the Magic Trackpad 2 here!

Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Apple makes its own trackpads for controlling your Mac. As the name implies, the Magic Trackpad 2 is the second generation. On this page, we will discuss the properties of the trackpad and explain why a trackpad can sometimes be more useful than a mouse.

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  • Buy and prices
  • Magic Trackpad improvements 2
  • Design
  • Service
  • Charging and connecting
  • Review
  • Choice: trackpad or mouse?

Magic Trackpad 2 in short

These are the main features of the Magic Trackpad:

  • Announced in 2015
  • Available in silver/white or space gray
  • The same functions that you find on the MacBook trackpad
  • Rechargeable with Lightning cable
  • Available from Apple for 149 eurosApple Magic Trackpad 2

Magic Trackpad 2 buy and prices

The Magic Trackpad 2 has a suggested retail price of € 149. This applies to both colors. You can often find the accessory slightly cheaper at other stores.

  • Magic Trackpad 2 Silver: 149 euros
  • Trackpad 2 Space Gray: 149 euros

Magic Trackpad improvements 2

The Magic Trackpad 2 was announced in 2015 in silver/white. A space gray variant also followed later.

As the name implies, this is the second generation of the Magic Trackpad. This has been improved on several points compared to the previous model:

  • The surface is no less than 29 percent larger than the predecessor.
  • It contains Force Touch, which gives you all kinds of extra functions.
  • The housing is more compact because this model works with a built-in rechargeable battery. There is no longer a battery compartment.
  • Charging is done via the Lightning connection on the back.
  • You can now choose from two colors: white/silver and dark gray.
  • You need Bluetooth 4.0 to pair the trackpad with your Mac.

The first generation Trackpad is no longer available anywhere, but as you can see you are better off with the second generation on many points.Magic Trackpad design 2

Magic Trackpad design 2

The Magic Trackpad has been given a much better design in the second generation. The trackpad has become flatter and slants less than its predecessor. This makes it more pleasant to put your hand on it and it is easier to put it away in your bag. The surface has become much larger and is not made of gray aluminum, but of white frosted glass.

Magic Trackpad 2 operation

The operation of the Magic Trackpad 2 has changed radically from its predecessor. If you press harder on the trackpad, you get extra functions thanks to Force Touch. You also get tactile feedback. The special thing is that the surface cannot be physically pressed. The click effect is digital and that costs you less energy. If the trackpad’s battery is empty, you won’t feel a click effect either. So you don’t really press the trackpad, but the software gives the impression that you are pressing something.Magic Trackpad 2 operation

Charging and connecting the Magic Trackpad 2

Charging the Magic Trackpad 2 is very easy: on the back is a Lighting socket that you can use to pair the trackpad with your Mac. So you don’t have to do a manual Bluetooth pairing, because the trackpad is already connected when you connect it with the cable.

This model no longer has replaceable AA batteries. Instead, Apple has built-in a battery, which is much more practical. You can then continue to use the trackpad while charging.

Magic Trackpad 2 or Magic Mouse?

You can control your Mac or iPad with a trackpad or mouse. Which of the two do you choose? Below we list the considerations.

The main difference between trackpad and mouse is of course the design. With the mouse, your hand rests on a curved surface, while with the trackpad you swipe your finger across a flat surface. The amount of space you have on your desk can therefore be decisive. If you have little room to move your hand, a trackpad is the best option. For a mouse, you need a space the size of about 15 x 20 centimeters. With a trackpad, you can still work comfortably at 10 x 15 centimeters.Magic Trackpad 2 or Magic Mouse

Do you quickly get cramps in your fingers when you hold a mouse? Then a trackpad is often a better option. Here are more considerations.

Magic Trackpad 2:

+ Larger surface
+ Flat design
+ Force Touch functions
+ Multi-touch functions
+ Longer battery life (2 months vs. 1 month)
– More expensive

Magic Mouse 2

+ Multi-touch surface
+ Lighter weight
– Space gray version is more expensive
– Not as ergonomic
– Charging port is on the bottom
– Can not be used while charging

# 1 Ergonomics: trackpad is better

Because Apple’s mouse is not ergonomically shaped to your hand, it is often better to opt for a special computer mouse such as the Logitech Master 3 for Mac. If you have to work for longer periods of time, a trackpad can often be more comfortable, because you have more options to change your posture.

# 2 Control: more options on the trackpad

Both devices work with the same finger gestures (multi-touch), such as swiping to go to the next page or scrolling with one finger. Double-tapping also works without any problems. But on the Trackpad 2 you have many more options such as pinch to zoom and rotating images. The Magic Trackpad 2 is also equipped with Force Touch: by pressing you to feel a second click, after which you have extra functions at your disposal.

# 3 Easy to take with you: both are good

Both accessories are easy to carry: the Magic Trackpad 2 is so flat that it easily fits between a stack of papers in your bag, while the convex mouse is always in your bag or in your pocket can be tucked away. The trackpad is a lot heavier.

# 4 Charging: trackpad is better

There has been a lot of laughter about the Mouse 2, which has to lie on its back to be charged. This means that you cannot continue working while loading. Fortunately, charging does not take that long (about 15 minutes), but it is a frustration factor. With the Magic Trackpad 2, you can continue to work, because the connection for the Lightning cable is not at the bottom, but at the back.

# 5 Price: the mouse wins

In terms of price, the Magic Mouse is the cheapest. You get it for free with a new Mac, while you often have to pay extra for the trackpad. With the Mouse, you have to pay extra for the space gray version, not with the trackpad.

Conclusion: Magic Trackpad 2 scores on more points

If you have to choose between a trackpad or mouse, you will see that the trackpad has more advantages, but is also a lot more expensive. It mainly depends on your personal situation what the best solution is. Both are ideal for use with your Mac or iPad, as they support certain finger gestures that you won’t find on other mice and trackpads.

Magic Trackpad 2 review

We wrote a review about the Trackpad 2 when this accessory first appeared in 2015. Here you can read our conclusion:

If you’re looking for a solution for the Trackpad’s ever-running low batteries, this new model is a big leap forward. If the Trackpad 2 were the same price as its predecessor, switching wouldn’t be such a difficult choice. But the price difference is so great with the trackpad that you have to think twice about it. The improvements and new look are nice but not as revolutionary as Apple would have you believe.

That is why there are mainly two reasons to get the Apple Magic Trackpad 2: if your old accessories are completely worn out, or if you want to solve your battery problem. But the price has doubled: while you currently pay € 75 for the first generation Magic Trackpad, you have lost € 150 for the new model. That is also the biggest disadvantage of this trackpad.

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