Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: What’s the Best Navigation App?

When we hit the road, we just can’t live without a navigation app. You could not ignore Google Maps for long, but with Maps, Apple is busy catching up. Which app is better to find your way now: Google Maps or Apple Maps?

Google Maps vs Apple Maps?

Apple used Google Maps as the standard map service for the iPhone for more than six years, until 2012. In that year Apple came with a competing version, which was initially unsuccessful. The service was inaccurate, limited in features, and overflowing with bugs.

After that, Apple’s Maps app steadily improved. The app is getting more and more interesting functions and it is now a serious competitor for Google. Is it better to choose Apple Maps or Google Maps?


Apple Maps or Google MapsWe find the navigation screen more pleasant with Apple Maps (left in the image). The map is clearer and distracts you less – for example, there is less color and the map shows fewer icons.


Lane guidance, highway avoidance, dark mode and more – both apps offer many of the same functions for navigating.

However, Google Maps seems to be introducing functions that Apple does not have. Google Maps, for example, shows speed cameras and will soon display the maximum speed.

Search destination

If you prefer Google Maps over Apple Maps, it’s probably mainly because of this. Google has access to an enormous amount of data, with which Apple cannot compete. If you navigate to lesser-known businesses, stores, or restaurants, chances are Google will find them – and Apple can’t answer you. In addition, Google offers better map data than Apple for smaller cities.

Google also provides more information about business hours, with captions, photos and star ratings. Apple also does the latter, but less often.


StopoverDo you want to make a stopover to refuel or to eat a sandwich? With Apple Maps you will get to the quick menu for finding petrol stations and restaurants faster. Swipe the bottom screen up and one tap is all it takes to find the nearest gas station, coffee shop or restaurant.


Google Maps has more than 1 billion (!) Users every month. With Apple Maps, this is about 55 million. Due to this enormous difference, Google Maps calculates faster and more accurately how the traffic is going.

Furthermore, the apps work similarly in the case of traffic. If there is an unexpected traffic jam, they will warn you and offer an alternative route if necessary. The colors on the road make it clear how busy it is. Orange stripes indicate that there is slow-moving traffic and the red color is probably a traffic jam.

Offline maps

Offline mapsAnother advantage of Google Maps is that you can download maps for offline use. Handy if your data bundle is not that large. Keep in mind that you will not have access to live information about the traffic density.


If privacy is important to you, Apple Maps is the better choice. Everything you do in Google Maps uses Google to create an accurate profile. This way, the advertisements can be better tailored to you and that delivers even more. Apple Maps does most of the calculations locally and does not pass the data on to external parties.

Apple Maps or Google Maps?

So both navigation apps have their pros and cons. When it comes to interface and privacy, Apple Maps wins, but Google Maps offers better map data and live information. Which navigation app do you prefer?

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