Apple Pay not working? With these 6 solutions you can pay again

Do you want to pay with Apple Pay, but it doesn’t work? In this guide, we’ll take a look at all the ways to get Apple’s wireless payment service back up and running.

6 solutions for when Apple Pay is not working

1. Keep your iPhone close to the pin device

It is a cliché, but no less true. Make sure you keep the iPhone or Apple Watch correctly with the reader of the payment terminal while paying. The NFC chip of your device must connect to that of the pin device.

With most iPhones, the NFC chip is located near the rear camera. So keep this section at the pin machine during checkout. Do you have a phone case around your iPhone? Then take it off and see if your protective case is the culprit.How to Fix Apple Pay Not Working

When you pay with an Apple Watch, it doesn’t really matter how you keep it at the payment terminal, because the NFC chip is incorporated in the watch case.

Furthermore, it is also worth trying another PIN device in the store; one of the devices may be (partially) defective.

2. Keep your software up to date

Apple Pay is a sophisticated technique that is continuously refined. It is therefore important to keep the software of your Apple device up to date. Apple is making improvements continuously, including to keep Apple Pay safe. Therefore, make sure you are running the most recent version of iOS, watchOS or macOS.

3. Check your balance and limit

You can only spend money once, even with Apple Pay. If the payment service does not work, you may, therefore, have too little balance in your account. If you can not pay with your normal debit card, it is therefore time to check your bank balance.

For security reasons, Apple Pay also deals with payment limits. On the one hand, that is nice, because when your iPhone is stolen, the thief cannot empty your entire bill at once.

On the other hand, these limits can cause Apple Pay Not Working because you have exceeded the amount, for example. It differs per bank how high this limit is. You can also make this amount higher and lower according to your own preference.

4. Check if there is a malfunction

You are at the checkout and want to pay with your iPhone but you get an error message: what’s going on? The problem may not be with you, but with Apple. Via the special System Status page you can check whether the payment system of the manufacturer is currently to fix apple pay system status

Image Source: Apple System Status page

Is this the case? Then there is no other option than to be patient. Once the Apple Pay outage has been resolved, you may need to re-add your payment card. You can read how to do that in the article below.

5. I cannot add my pass

Can’t add a payment card, for example, because the button for this is missing in the Wallet app? Then somehow your iPhone may be configured for the wrong region. Apple Pay is not available worldwide, so it is important that your Apple device knows that you are trying to pay in the Netherlands.

On an iPhone, open the Settings app, go to General and tap Language & Region. Then choose ‘Region’, make sure the Netherlands is selected and press ‘Done’. On an Apple Watch, open the Watch app on the paired iPhone, tap My Watch, then go to General. After this you go to ‘Language and region’, ‘Region’ and then choose the Netherlands.

On a MacBook Pro (with Touch ID), open the Apple menu and go to ‘Language and region’. Then make sure that the Netherlands is selected. You should now see the add button again in the Wallet app and you can add a payment card.

6. Not working?

Apple Pay still not working? Then there may be more to it. In that case, it is helpful to contact Apple Customer Service. In that case, an employee will watch with you and together you will try to solve the problem.

More tips for Apple Pay

With Apple Pay, you can pay contactless with your iPhone and Apple Watch, online you pay with your Mac (Book). Read our starter guide on how to set up and use Apple Pay to get off to a flying start. Are you curious about how the service is technically structured (and why it is safe)? Then read our article on how Apple Pay works.

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