‘Apple stops developing HomePod’

You don’t have to expect a new HomePod for now. The current HomePod models are not a success, which is why Apple is no longer investing in a new variant of the smart speaker. That says the usually very reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Apple stops developing HomePod.

HomePod is a flop

The first HomePod appeared in 2018 and the HomePod mini was launched last fall. It could very well stop here, as Apple would have discontinued the development of the HomePod – at least temporarily. The current HomePods will remain for sale and will also receive updates.HomePod vs HomePod mini Differences

Kuo makes his statements about HomePod in a report that is actually about the Apple Car. In it, Kuo says that Apple is not always successful in entering a new market. As an example, he cites the HomePod: ‘Apple, for example, failed to enter the market for smart speakers. The demand for HomePod and HomePod mini is lower than expected, and the development of a new smart speaker has been suspended for the time being. ‘

What went wrong?

Of course, it doesn’t help that HomePod is only available in a limited number of countries. For example, the HomePod and the HomePod mini are not available in the Netherlands. You can of course get one from abroad, but then you run into the following problem: Siri does not speak Dutch. You can address Siri in English and then it is again striking how limited Siri is compared to other virtual assistants. The fact that HomePod does not directly support Spotify and similar services will also have done little good.

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