Apple supplier: ‘iPhone 12 will not appear until October’

As one of the major Apple supplier, Broadcom undoubtedly knows more about the iPhone 12. As far as this supplier is concerned, the device has been delayed and will not be in stores until October at the earliest.

iPhone 12 release delayed

Hock Tan, CEO of Broadcom, said this in a conversation with investors, Bloomberg writes. Although the company deliberately does not mention Apple by name, there is no doubt what it means. According to Tan, there has been a “key product delay” from a “major North American phone brand.” In the past, Tan Apple has often described it this way.

According to Broadcom, this will lower sales in this quarter, as production has slowed. As a result, it now appears that the four iPhone 12 models will only be in stores from October.iPhone 12 release delayed

In recent months, we’ve already heard several rumors about the iPhone 12 being delayed. Due to the coronavirus, many factories had to shut down or cut their production drastically, which would prevent Apple from producing enough devices in time.

Still, we used to take such rumors with a grain of salt, because almost every year we hear that the latest iPhone is delayed. Now that the CEO of one of the main Apple suppliers is talking about this so openly, it is a different story.

This makes it a lot more likely that we will have to wait longer for the latest iPhones. Apple may reveal the devices in September, but you can simply order them a few weeks later than usual.

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