Current Apple survey is indicative of staying away from charger with iPhone 12

Rumors recently suggested that Apple will not ship a charger with the iPhone 12. This controversial action seems even more realistic, as Apple is currently conducting a survey on the use of an old charger.

Apple conducts survey about (re) use of old charger

Several people are currently receiving a survey from Apple regarding the use of their old charger, 9to5Mac reports. The questionnaire is sent to customers who already had an iPhone and who recently purchased a new one.

With the survey, Apple tries to analyze exactly what people do with an old charger, after they get a new one with their replacement iPhone. In a screenshot of a survey participant we see the question: “What have you done with the USB Power Adapter of your iPhone 7 Plus that you have replaced?”Apple conducts survey about

The choice answers are:

  • Given away to a family member or friend
  • Recycled
  • Lost
  • Has stopped working or is not working properly
  • Use it at home
  • Still use it outdoors (e.g. work, school, somewhere else)

Probably not a new Apple charger with the iPhone 12

Most likely, the smartphone maker will conduct this survey to see if users really need a new charger with a new iPhone. Recently, there have been several rumors that say that Apple does not supply a charger with the iPhone 12.

According to the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple would do this to reduce the cost of the iPhone 12. Kuo also predicted that the iPhone 12 will also appear without the corresponding EarPods. With this, Apple may want to encourage the purchase of its more expensive AirPods.

The survey is a clear signal that Apple is indeed considering the provision of chargers with new iPhones. Nevertheless, it remains unclear whether the iPhone 12 customers should purchase a charger anytime soon. We only really know for sure when we have seen the box, which probably happens in September.

Still curious about what the opportunities are? In the article below, we will discuss the pros and cons of staying away from a charger with the iPhone 12.

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