New Apple TV may appear in 2021

Apple TV 6: All rumors and expectations at a glanceThe fifth and current generation of Apple TV was launched in the fall of 2017 and has been around for a while. But that seems to be changing. References have been found in both the iOS 14 code and in previous betas of tvOS that indicate a new Apple TV 4K.

According to various sources, Apple is working on a 6th generation Apple TV and it should be on the market in 2021. The news is not surprising, it has been rumored for some time that Apple may want to renew their TV box. In fact, late 2019 was the perfect time when Apple Arcade and Apple TV + appeared, but an upgrade for the hardware was not forthcoming.

Apple TV 4K may be renewed

Already in early 2020, the first references to a new Apple TV were found in the beta of tvOS by 9to5Mac. This may have revealed the arrival of a new Apple TV 6 with the code name T1125. This is immediately an interesting reference where the T appears to be a crucial part.

According to the American website, this indicates that it is a model that is used internally, so a prototype. The current 4K variant appears in the code under the name J105a and the Apple TV HD J42d. Perhaps the Apple TV was not yet fully ready and was tested internally by Apple.

Faster and better graphics performance

The source code of the tvOS beta revealed another interesting fact. The new Apple TV is likely to get hardware-based only on the 64-bit ARM architecture. This has been used by Apple since the A12 processor and so could indicate that the new TV may be getting an A12 or A13 chip, which is good news. The reliable rumor maker Jon Prosser says that sources confirm that the new TV will get an A12X chip.

Apple TV with A14X processor?

A new rumor from choco_bit reports that Apple may want to release two TV models. One that resembles the current generation, but with an A12X or A12Z processor and more storage. The other should be a completely new Apple TV with an A14X-like processor.

Despite the current Apple TV 4K performs well with its A10 chip, the graphics sometimes leave something to be desired. With a more powerful A14X processor, Apple can market the Apple TV as a literal game-changer and compete with game consoles.

Using the faster processor, the Arcade games will run smoother and more advanced games can be offered on the TV. A more powerful processor is also a good option for streaming. choco_bit reports that some major games will make the transition to the Apple TV, but this requires a more powerful processor. Apple may also bring a (game) controller on the market together with the new Apple TV.

Apple TV 6 gets twice as much storage

The new Apple TV may receive more storage space as standard so that you can play games and enjoy films and series to your heart’s content. According to Jon Prosser, the Apple TV 6 gets twice as much storage as the current model. The standard storage would go from 32GB to 64GB, if that is not enough, a 128GB variant is also available. Especially for Apple Arcade games this is a welcome addition because the 32GB model fills up quickly.

New Apple TV remote

Previously, the leaked code of iOS 14 found references to a new remote for the Apple TV 6th generation. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also claims that a new remote is on the way. This will probably get a search function so that you can easily find the remote control. Gurman does not yet know exactly how the search function will work. Maybe the remote contains a speaker that you can activate or a neat U1 chip so that you can find out the exact location with the Find My app. The design for the remote has not yet been leaked.

Apple TV redundant?

The Apple TV initially seems like a redundant Apple product because Cupertino’s company opened AirPlay 2 and the Apple TV app to other manufacturers last year . LG and Samsung , among others, have both built into their current televisions. Still, such a media cabinet from Apple is more than worth it. Especially the ease of use and playing games is a plus. You can also use the Apple TV as a Home hub for Homekit and as a display for your photos .


It is currently unclear when the new Apple TV 4K will be announced, however , the reliable Japanese website Nikkei reports that we can expect tv in 2021, possibly in the first half of the year. Whether the Apple TV will also get a completely new design is unknown, it may be mainly an internal upgrade.

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