Selection guide: How you choose the best Apple Watch for you

You want to get an Apple Watch, but you don’t know which one. In this buying guide, we explain which model is best to buy now. We also indicate which choices you have to make when purchasing, such as the cabinet size. You can read that and much more in this Apple Watch comparison selection guide.

Apple Watch comparison: a decision aid

This guide is made up of several elements. First, we indicate which Apple Watch we recommend, based on price range. Of course, the latest version is also the best, but this does not necessarily mean that it stands out in terms of price-quality ratio. Finally, we dive into all the choices you have to make when purchasing an Apple Watch, such as case size, colors and watch straps.

Index: Apple Watch comparison

  1. Best (and most expensive) option
  2. Price quality
  3. Best budget option
  4. Choices

The best: Apple Watch Series 6

Do you want the best Apple Watch of the moment and money is not an issue? Then you have to go for the Series 6, the latest model. This smart watch is fully equipped and can, for example, make heart movies, measure the oxygen level in your blood and it has an always-on display.

This is useful, because that way you can, for example, read incoming notifications directly from your wrist, without having to activate the Apple Watch. Speaking of which, the Series 6’s Retina screen can be a lot brighter than previous watches. That way you can also read the smartwatch in the bright watch silent mode

Furthermore, the latest Apple Watch is the fastest Apple watch you can currently buy. It uses the S6 processor, which has a lot of similarities with the A13 chip from the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Series 6 has a battery life of 18 hours, which is about as long as its predecessor.

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Value for money: Apple Watch SE

Do you have about 300 euros for your new Apple watch? Then you cannot ignore the Apple Watch SE. This cheaper alternative was announced at the same time as the Apple Watch Series 6 and is broadly identical to its more expensive brother. However, there are three major differences.

First, the Apple Watch SE doesn’t have a pulse oximeter to measure the oxygen level in your blood. There is also no ECG function to make heart films. Finally, the SE does not have an always-on display. To view notifications, you must first turn on the screen.Apple Watch Series 6 vs Apple Watch Series 5

If you can easily miss these functions, the Apple Watch SE is a very wise purchase. The watch is relatively affordable, just as fast as the more expensive Apple Watch Series 5 and even shares a lot of specifications with the Series 6. All in all, the Apple Watch SE excels in price-quality ratio.

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Budget: refurbished Apple Watch Series 4

If you’ve never worn an Apple Watch before and want to get acquainted in an accessible way, it is best to purchase a refurbished copy. These watches have been used before, but technically in new condition. They are of course also thoroughly cleaned. Does this concept appeal to you? Then a refurbished Apple Watch Series 4 might be something for you.

This watch is from 2018 and was quite expensive at the time, but has now dropped considerably. This means that you can now purchase a refurbished copy for an amount of between 220 and 280 euros, depending on the external condition.Apple Watch Series 6 officially

Broadly speaking, the Apple Watch Series 4 has the same design as the models discussed above: it introduced this design. The Series 4 is also the first Apple smartwatch to have an ECG on board to make heart videos. All in all, it is the most innovative Apple Watch in recent years and you can still use it for a while.

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Choices: Choose format, material and band

Did the Apple Watch comparison help you make a choice? Top! As soon as you have added the model to your shopping cart, the next choice is ready for you. All the watches mentioned above are sold in two sizes: 40 and 44 millimetres.

These sizes mean the case size, or how big the watch is. Do you have a wrist circumference of between 130 and 200 millimetres? Then a 40 mm Apple Watch fits like a glove. If you have a slightly larger wrist circumference of between 140 and 220 millimetres, you can better go for a 44 mm one. Tip: To purchase your Apple Watch, go to a store to try out both sizes.

Then it is time to choose the cabinet colour. This is the color that the housing of your watch has. Most models have a choice of silver, gold and space grey. Are you going for the Series 6? Then you can also go for blue and red. You have more choices abroad, also in terms of material, for example: in the Netherlands, you can only choose Apple Watches made of aluminium.The Apple Watch Series 5

Finally, you still have to choose what kind of Apple Watch strap you want, and in what color. The choice consists of sports bands (which dry very quickly), solo bands (which consist of one piece and therefore have no buckle), leather bands, stainless steel bands, woven/braided bands and mutual combinations such as a braided solo band. You can also choose from the special Nike collection.

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