Pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone

If you are in possession of an Apple Watch and you buy a new iPhone, you must pair the Apple Watch with your new iPhone. Because the backup of your Apple Watch is stored on the paired iPhone, this can cause problems.

Everything depends on how you set up your new iPhone, if you restore a backup, there is often nothing wrong. However, if you install your iPhone as new, you should also do this for your Apple Watch. We are happy to explain how to connect your Apple Watch to your new iPhone.

How an Apple Watch backup works

When you change something on your Apple Watch, this data is stored on your iPhone in the form of an Apple Watch backup. Your iPhone will then be backed up to iCloud or iTunes. All data from your Apple Watch is therefore stored in the iPhone backup, which you need if your current Apple Watch wants to connect to a new to pair apple watch with new iphone

Pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone

When you start using a new iPhone, you can only pair the Apple Watch, including the current settings, when you install an iPhone backup on your new iPhone via iCloud or iTunes. When you do this, the pairing is automatically included and during the installation process, you will be asked if you want to pair the Apple Watch with your new iPhone.

If you prefer to use your new iPhone as ‘new’ without restoring a backup, then you must also pair your Apple Watch with your new iPhone again and start from the beginning. Only do this when you have completely set up your new iPhone, then the Apple Watch will immediately take over these new settings.

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