New Apple Watch Pride watch faces and bands available from late May

Your Apple Watch will receive a number of colorful new Pride watch faces in the next two weeks. These are all listed.

Update May 18, 14:00 In addition to the dials below, Apple has also unveiled two new Pride-Apple Watch bands. These are available today in the online Apple Store. The first strap is the classic Sport strap with bright rainbow colors, while the second strap is designed by Nike and the rainbow colors are reflected in the holes of the strap. Check out the two 2020 Pride Watch bands above.

New Apple Watch Pride 2020 dials on the way

The new Apple Watch Pride 2020 dials were discovered by developers who have run the beta of watchOS 6.2.5. These are new variations of last year’s Pride dial. These largely use the same layout but use more pastel colors for a new design.Apple Watch Pride 2020 dials

In addition to new variations for the Pride dial, Apple has also added colorful options for the California, Numerals Duo, and Numerals Mono dials. You will select this in the color options of these dials.

When you tap the rainbow on the Pride dial, the lines start to wave, just like they did last year. The order of the colors on the analog dials changes each time you lift your wrist and activate the screen.

The watch faces are a standard part of watchOS 6.2.5 and will, therefore, be automatically downloaded when you install the update. Once you’ve done that, you can select them on your Apple Watch or via the Watch app on your iPhone.Apple Watch Pride

For years, the Apple Watch has been away for Apple to focus on Pride, a month in which there has been an extra focus on the LGBTQ + community. This started with a special rainbow strap and has now become an annual moment when the company introduces special Pride dials.

Available within two weeks

While the new Apple Watch Pride 2020 dials are now only in beta, it won’t be long before they become available to everyone. Apple has already confirmed that both watchOS 6.2.5 and iOS 13.5 will be released in May, which in practice means they can be downloaded within two weeks. You have to, because the annual Pride Month starts in June.

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