Getting an Apple Watch repaired is way too expensive

f you need to repair your Apple Watch screen, you have to dig deep into your pockets. So deep that you might as well buy a new Watch.

Repairing Apple Watch screen is too expensive

An accident can happen, but there is a big difference between a sandwich or dropping your Apple Watch on the floor. You can easily clean up a sandwich and throw it away. An Apple Watch that makes a horizontal journey of about one and a half meters costs you more than three hundred euros.

I’m quite careful with my stuff, but also a bit clumsy. For example, when I bought expensive sunglasses a while back whose molecules adjust to the light for the perfect driving experience in the car, it didn’t take long for the thing to fall as I tried to put a harness on my dog, which then came with his feet up.Apple Watch Series 6 oximeter

Not much can go wrong with an Apple Watch. Usually, you put it on or put the watch on the charger. On vacation, however, it was a bit more difficult. Because I get out of bed early to walk my sunglasses-hating dog and my partner likes to sleep in, I quietly slipped out of the bedroom one morning with a bundle of clothes. It also contained my Apple Watch. You can already see it coming: I grab my shirt, the Apple Watch rolls out and flips onto the bathroom floor.

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We are talking about a fall of just over a meter and the screen is covered with cracks. The Apple Watch still works well and you can even use the touch screen. It is only the glass that is broken. Surely that must be repairable? I had bought the watch from the online Apple store over a year ago so I went there to request a repair. Until I saw the price.

Repairing your Apple Watch (in my case the Series 4 ) costs 341 euros. New I paid 459 euros for it. That means that it costs no less than 75 percent of the new price to repair a broken screen. Since my insurance does not cover this, I suddenly have a lot of costs, while when I bought the watch I assumed that I could use it for many years for that price.

Due to the high repair price, it is almost always more attractive to simply buy the new edition for a little more money. Of course, Apple knows that very well. A shame, because the watch still works well apart from the screen. Also, the money for a repair or a completely new watch is not just something you have.


In its presentations, Apple often shares how the company is committed to the environment and how devices last so long. That still properly functioning devices are thrown away in this way because the repair is simply too expensive compared to a new device, does not fit that picture. Apple does offer to recycle the Apple Watch for free, but repairing a device instead of replacing it is always better for the environment.Apple Watch Series 6 expectations

The high price is not for nothing. The screen is of high quality and the Watch is a sleekly manufactured unit where you cannot easily replace parts. Of course, I am also well aware that it is just my own fault.

However, an extremely high price for repairing a screen also means that something goes wrong on the basis of these products. If the environment is really that important to Apple, then better reparability in the innovation Apple products like the Watch will need in the future.

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