Apple Watch SE: 5 expectations for Apple’s cheap new watch

Tonight the Apple Watch SE would be announced, a cheaper entry-level model for people who find the normal Apple Watch too expensive. To keep the price down, Apple will probably save on some functions. These are our expectations for the Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch SE: 5 expectations

According to rumors, Apple has been working behind the scenes for months on a more affordable Apple Watch. The Apple Watch SE, as the device is called, seems to be hundreds of euros cheaper than the Series 6 and especially promises to be an interesting alternative for Fitbit carriers. These are our expectations of the Apple Watch SE.

1. Low-cost replacement for Series 3

According to Jon Prosser, an Apple insider who, for example, correctly predicted the arrival of the iPhone SE 2020 in the past, the Apple Watch SE is the successor to the Apple Watch 3. That’s good news for pennies, as it means the new Watch model is supposedly a lot more affordable than the Apple Watch Series 6.

The Apple Watch SE, which may not be the watch’s definitive name, was made for a different target audience, according to Prosser. The affordable Apple watch should mainly compete with cheaper fitness trackers from, for example, Fitbit.The Apple Watch Series 3.

The Apple Watch Series 3.

2. Less functions

Apple would choose to omit several characteristic features with the Apple Watch SE in order to reduce the price tag. For example, the aforementioned Prosser claims that the new SE watch does not have an always-on display, unlike previous watches.

He also says you cannot make heart films with the SE. An ECG function, which was introduced with the Apple Watch Series 4, would be missing. Speaking of the Series 4: Prosser thinks that the Apple Watch SE will look like the Apple smartwatch of 2018 in appearance. After all, a new design increases the price and the iPhone maker wants to prevent that with the SE.

Mark Gurman, another usually reliable source, thinks the Apple Watch SE will look like the Apple Watch Series 5.

3. Two sizes

The Apple Watch SE appears in two sizes, according to the rumor circuit. This is of course in line with expectations, because Apple always releases two sizes of the Apple Watch. The entry-level model has a case size of 40 millimeters, the larger version adds 4 millimeters and thus comes to a size of 44 millimeters.

Presumably, the Apple Watch SE also appears in two connectivity versions: with and without mobile internet. In the Netherlands, usually, only the GPS version (without mobile internet) appears and it seems that the SE will change this.Apple Watch SE

4. Running on watchOS 7

Another winner: the Apple Watch SE will run on watchOS 7, the Apple Watch software update of 2020. The new version has become a bit healthier and adds, for example, the Sleep app. With this, you can keep track of how effective your night’s sleep is and you get tips from your watch to sleep better.

5. Price and Disclosure

Komiya, an anonymous Twitter account that regularly shares accurate information about unannounced Apple products, thinks the Apple Watch SE will cost $ 229 upon release. This is exactly the same suggested retail price as Apple is asking for the Watch Series 3.

The unveiling will take place on September 15, according to the rumor circuit. Tonight at 7:00 PM Dutch time, the Apple event (with the slogan “Time Flies”) kicks off. It appears that the company won’t be unveiling iPhone 12 that night, but is announcing upgrades for the iPad and iPad Air. We will most likely also be updated about the ‘normal’ Apple Watch Series 6.

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