Apple Watch Series 6: 7 expectations for Apple’s new watch

More health functions, a fingerprint scanner on the side and a larger battery: these are our expectations for the Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6 expectations

It promises to be a packed autumn for Apple. In addition to the introduction of a series of new iPhones, a new watch will also be unveiled in mid-September, which we look forward to in this article. These are our expectations for the Apple Watch Series 6.

1. Prevent panic attacks

Apple sees the Apple Watch as a health accessory. This line is most likely continued with the Series 6. The heart rate monitor is being improved, and according to several sources, Apple is adding a pulse oximeter to the watch. This is able to measure the oxygen content in the blood.

This is useful, because in this way the Apple Watch 6 can, for example, warn of upcoming panic attacks. The wearer will receive a message as soon as the oxygen level in the blood starts to show irregularities. A pulse oximeter is also able to provide insights into the wearer’s stress levels over longer periods.Apple Watch Series 6 expectations

2. Touch ID scanner in Digital Crown

We have heard this before with the Apple Watch, also with the Series 6. According to the rumor circuit, the new watch will get a Touch ID scanner in the Digital Crown.

That way you can unlock the Watch with a scan of your fingerprint, just like you do with older iPhone models, including the iPhone 8. The iPhone SE 2020 released this year also has a Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

According to an Israeli source, The Verifier, the Series 7 would even have Touch ID under the screen. This allows you to unlock the watch by briefly placing your finger on the screen, after which the Watch ‘recognizes’ you.

3. Larger battery and even more waterproof

According to the Indian website MySmartPrice, the successor to the Apple Watch 5 will have a slightly larger battery. The Series 6 is said to have a 303.8 mAh battery, while the current watch remains at 296 mAh.

By omitting Force Touch support in watchOS 7, Apple would have just a little more room to place a larger battery in the housing. Thanks to this function, you get additional options at your disposal by pressing firmly on the screen. For example, you can adjust watch faces directly.

So the gain is a few mAh. Because the increase is so small, it is questionable whether the battery life of the Series 6 will improve. The Watch has an 18-hour battery life according to Apple itself, so we expect the new model to last at least as long (or slightly longer).Apple Watch Series 6 expectation

In addition, the water-resistance of the Apple watch would improve. Currently, you can already go up to 50 meters with the watch, but according to the usually reliable Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo, the Series 6 adds a few meters to that. According to Kuo, the water-resistance of the watch improves so that you could even scuba dive.

4. Better processor

The Apple Watch 5 runs on the S5 processor, which is just as fast as the Watch Series 4 processor. It would therefore only be logical that Apple would go for a new, faster copy this year: the S6 chip. However, no concrete indications have yet emerged that the Series 6 will get a faster processor, so take a closer look.

5. No micro-LED

It’s no secret that Apple is working behind the scenes on micro-LED, a new screen technology that brings a lot of benefits. Micro-LED is, among other things, thinner, more energy-efficient and provides a brighter image than OLED.Apple Watch Serie 6

However, according to L0vetodream, an anonymous Twitter account that regularly makes accurate predictions about unannounced Apple products, things are not going by storm. Micro LED would bypass the nose of the Series 6.

6. Same design as previous years

The Apple Watch has been looking pretty much the same for years and it won’t be any different this time. The Watch will therefore undergo few changes in terms of design. There may be some new colors that you can choose from. Extra handy is the fact that your old Apple Watch straps will also fit the Series 6.

7. Price

The Apple Watch Series 6 seems to continue largely on the same footing as its predecessors. Some features may be added, such as better waterproofing and pulse oximeter, but the changes don’t promise to be revolutionary.

We, therefore, expect the Series 6’s suggested retail price to remain roughly the same as the Series 5. That means the following for the Apple Watch Series 6 price:

  1. Apple Watch Series 6 40mm: 449 euros
  2. Apple Watch Series 6 44mm: 479 euros

Unveiling this fall

The Apple Watch Series 6 will most likely be announced during the Apple event. Apple has confirmed that it will take place on September 15. Whether the iPhone 12 series will be unveiled at the same time remains exciting. There are rumors that Apple will not reveal the new devices until next month.

Apple seems to unveil no fewer than four devices this year. In addition to an entry-level model, the ‘regular’ iPhone 12, we will probably also see the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini, a completely new model.

The big Apple event usually takes place in September, although it could also be a little later this year due to the coronavirus. Earlier, Apple already confirmed that the new phones will be in stores ‘a few weeks later’ than usual.

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