Apple event video refers to Apple Watch Series 6 in source code

Now that Apple has officially announced its September event, the search for clues has begun. They quickly delved into the source code of the event’s YouTube live stream, where a clear reference to the Apple Watch Series 6 was discovered.

Apple Watch Series 6 shows up in YouTube source code

We’ve had to wait longer than usual, but last night Apple finally announced its September event. Fully digital this time and for everyone to follow via a live stream on the website of Apple and YouTube.

An event has already been set up by Apple on YouTube, where developer Guilherme Rambo discovered something in the metadata. Via this option, you can view the source code of websites and you can also see which keywords have been entered by the uploader. With these keywords, you can have a video found on specific searches. It is therefore not surprising that Apple has added words such as ‘Apple Special Event’ and ‘Apple Event’.Apple event video refers to Apple Watch Series 6 in source code

The long list contains practically all Apple products, from the iMac to the iPhone and iPad Air. Among all these words, ‘Series 6’ is the only one to mention an unannounced product. The Apple Watch Series 6 is the next Apple Watch that will probably be shown on Tuesday. That Apple specifically mentions this unannounced model seems to confirm that this will be the case.

No iPhone 12 in source code

According to others on Twitter, the discovery of the YouTube keywords is also a confirmation that we will not see an iPhone 12 during the event. This rumor surfaced just after the announcement of the Apple event last night when the well-known Apple sweet Mark Gurman stated that Apple will not reveal the four iPhone 12 models on Tuesday.

Fortunately, Tuesday, September 15 is close, so we don’t have to wait long to see what Apple has in store for us. In the run-up to the event, we will keep an eye on all rumors for you and you can go to our large iPhone 12 event expectations overview for all rumors. On Tuesday evening, the entire Techlargest editorial team will of course be in the starting blocks to provide you with the latest news.

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