Apple Watch Series 6 gets slightly larger battery than predecessor

The Apple Watch Series 6 seems to get a slightly larger battery than the current model. Whether this also allows you to walk around with the watch longer before it has to be connected to the charger, is still the question.

Rumor: Bigger for Apple Watch Series 6

The Indian website MySmartPrice has spotted the alleged battery of the Apple Watch Series 6 at a Korean inspection body. Such organizations monitor the compliance of new products with safety standards and are therefore often a good source when it comes to unannounced devices.

It seems that the battery of the new Apple Watch is slightly larger: 303.8 mAh. The Series 5, which came out late last year, has a 296 mAh battery. According to MacRumors, the successor will get a larger battery because Apple no longer has to take Force Touch into account.Apple Watch Series 6 battery rumor

This feature, which allows you to perform tasks by tapping the screen hard, is removed in watchOS 7. The successor to watchOS 6 was announced in June and is expected to be released this fall, simultaneously with the iPhone 12.

MacRumors speculates that the absence of Force Touch saves space in the watch’s case. This would allow Apple to expand the capacity of the battery.

It remains to be seen whether this will lead to a considerably longer battery life. After all, the capacity is only a few mAh larger. The Apple Watch Series 5 has an operating time of 18 hours, according to Apple. So it seems that the new Apple Watch will last about the same length, or maybe a little longer.

We already know this about Series 6

Little by little, more and more information about the new Apple Watch is leaking. For example, it was revealed last week that the Series 6 may receive a pulse oximeter. You use this to register the oxygen level in your blood.

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