Apple Watch Series 6 will not get a micro LED screen

This year seems a bit too early for an Apple Watch with a micro-LED screen. According to a new rumor, an OLED screen is simply used in the Series 6.

No Apple Watch Series 6 micro-LED screen

It’s no secret that Apple is busy with micro-LED, a new screen technology with a lot of advantages. The technology is expected to be used for the first time in the small screens of the Apple Watch. But probably not this year. A nice saying that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6 still just has an OLED screen.

Apple has been testing Apple Watch models with a micro-LED display since 2017. According to rumors, it would finally be this year, but nice @ L0vetodream now says not. This nice start his Apple leaks always starts with ‘in my dreams’ and says that the Series 6 continues to use JDI’s screen. JDI Display makes the OLED screens for the different Apple Watch models.Apple Watch Series 6

Advantages of micro-LED

Micro LED has several advantages over OLED. In short, devices with this screen technology can be thinner, consume less power, and still provide a brighter image.

In contrast to the materials used in OLED screens, the quality of micro-LED does not decrease. Higher image quality is also possible. For example, black is even blacker and the colors and viewing angles are also better. One of the most important improvements is that there is less chance of burn-in. Read more about the differences between OLED and micro-LED.

Due to its small size, the Apple Watch is a logical place to test new screen technologies. OLED was also first used in the Apple Watch. Only years later, iPhones with an OLED screen appeared. So it is expected that an Apple Watch with a micro-LED screen will appear first, and later an iPhone with a micro-LED screen.

More about the Apple Watch Series 6

There are a lot of other rumors about new features in the Apple Watch Series 6. For example, the ability to measure the oxygen level in your blood and detect panic attacks. Also, check our watchOS 7 overview.

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