Teardown: Apple Watch Series 6 has a slightly larger battery than its predecessor

The Apple Watch Series 6 has, among other things, a larger battery and a better vibration motor than its predecessor. The new watch has been put together well, but not very easy to repair.

Apple Watch Series 6 teardown

This and more is evident from a teardown of the Apple Watch Series 6 that was put online by website iFixit. With such a teardown, a new device is taken apart and then looked at how easy/complicated it is to repair it. iFixit gives the new Apple Watch a ‘repair score’ of 6 out of 10.

The website is particularly pleased with the compactness of the new watch. Under the hood, Apple has made the necessary changes. Not only the battery capacity of the Watch 6 is larger (3.5 percent), the so-called Taptic Engine has also become more robust. This vibration motor comes into action when you receive a call, for example.Apple Watch Serie 6 teardown

Furthermore, the pulse oximeter also appears in the Apple Watch Series 6 teardown. You can use this new health sensor in the Series 6 to measure the oxygen level in your blood. Finally, Apple has deleted one part: Force Touch. This is not a big surprise. watchOS 7 , the Apple Watch software update of 2020, does not support Force Touch.

More about the new Apple Watches

Apple recently released two new smartwatches: the Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. The latter is an affordable, but less extensive alternative to the former. The Series 6 is the direct successor to the Apple Watch Series 5 and includes a pulse oximeter, brighter screen and faster processor.

Are you currently wearing a Series 5 and unsure whether you should switch? Check out our comparison between the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch Series 5 for an overview of all innovations. Are you out and do you want to buy the Apple Watch 6? View the price comparison below for the best deals of the moment.

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