Apple Watch tip: This is how you share a watch face in watchOS 7

Are you proud of your homemade Apple Watch watch face? From watchOS 7 you can finally share your creations with family and friends. In this tip, we’ll show you how it works.

Share Apple Watch face in watchOS 7

apple-watch-watch-face-partsIt’s a small addition in watchOS 7, but a really nice one: sharing watch faces. If you have been toiling for a long time on the perfect layout, you naturally want to show it to others. After you send the watch face, they can use it on their own Apple Watch.

Here’s how to share an Apple Watch watch face:

  1. To start

On your Apple Watch, go to the watch face you want to share;

  1. Press the Share button

Hold your finger on the screen for a moment and tap the just-published Share button, which you can recognize by the square with an arrow pointing up;

  1. Select recipient

Then indicate who you want to forward the record to by tapping the plus sign at the top right and selecting someone from the list. You can also say his / her name by pressing the Microphone button;

  1. Format and send message

Then format the message and turn the Digital Crown to scroll down. Then press “Send”.

The recipient will then receive a message that you have shared a Watch Face with her or him. The person can accept the watch face by tapping on it and then pressing “Add”.

Share watch faces from your iPhone

It is also possible to share watch faces from the Apple Watch app on your iPhone (with iOS 14 ). Simply tap on a watch face in your collection, press the Share icon and choose which option (such as email) you want to share it with.

More about watchOS 7

watchOS 7 in particular is an update full of small, but no less fine functions. For example, the Sleep app is a feature that users have been asking for since the first Apple Watch. Also nice is the possibility to add more complications to your watch faces. The successor to watchOS 6 is available for the Apple watches below and downloading watchOS 7 is very simple:

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