Applecare +: What is it, do i need it, and how do i get it?

AppleCare + . When you buy a new Apple product – such as a Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch – you will likely be asked if you want it.

But what is AppleCare + really? What’s the difference between AppleCare and AppleCare +? And do you need it?

Those first two questions are a lot easier to answer than the last. In this article you will not only read the answers to all those questions, you will also learn how and when you can purchase AppleCare (+) if you want to use it.

What is AppleCare?

Let’s start with the first question: what is AppleCare?

AppleCare is an additional warranty that you can purchase from Apple. This offers you the following benefits:

  • Phone support from Apple for two years (instead of 60 days) *;
  • Worldwide repair options at local Apple repair points;
  • Cover for accessories such as mice, keyboard and adapters (note: only if you buy it together with your Mac);
  • Coverage for so-called wear parts : batteries, memory and hard drives;
  • An extra year of warranty: so 2 years on the iPhone and iPad, and 3 years on the Mac (instead of 1 and 2 years respectively);
  • Also covered against accidents (maximum two claims)

In most cases, there is a deductible for each incident of at least € 29 (iPods and damage to the screen with an iPhone), up to € 259 (with the Mac).

* Please note that the questions can only be about direct Apple products. For example, if you have a question about your linked NAS , or something like Google Maps, AppleCare cannot help you with that. You can of course ask such questions as part of your Apple Coach Academy membership.


Did your iPhone fall ugly? AppleCare + would replace this screen for only 29 euros.

What’s the difference between AppleCare and AppleCare +?

AppleCare and AppleCare + were both sold for a while, with “regular” AppleCare being cheaper, but not covering accidents.

Now you can only buy AppleCare + for the iPhone, which means you are also covered against accidents.

In this article I will mainly talk about “AppleCare”, even when it is actually “AppleCare +”.

What does AppleCare cost?

The costs for this are between 29 and 249 euros. (Technically, there is an AppleCare product worth over $ 20,000, but it is not intended for consumers.)

The price depends on the product for which you want to take out AppleCare. All costs are one-off and include insurance tax. You can sometimes also buy AppleCare + separately via web stores such as, where they sometimes come out just a bit cheaper than

A complete overview of the AppleCare premiums, including the deductible and the minimum new price of the device (to put the costs of AppleCare in perspective 😉) can be found below:

AppleCare iPhone costs

Product Costs AppleCare Own risk* Purchase price
iPhone 12 Pro Max € 229, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 1259, –
iPhone 12 Pro € 229, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 1159, –
iPhone 12 € 169, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 909, –
iPhone 12 mini € 169, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 809, –
iPhone 11 Pro Max € 229, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 1259, –
iPhone 11 Pro € 229, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 1159, –
iPhone 11 € 169, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 809, –
iPhone XS Max € 169, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 709, –
iPhone XS € 169, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 709, –
iPhone XR € 169, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 709, –
iPhone X € 229, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 1159
iPhone 8 Plus € 169, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 919
iPhone 8 € 149, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 809
iPhone 7 Plus € 169, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 779
iPhone 7 € 149, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 639
iPhone 6s Plus € 169, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 639
iPhone 6s € 149, – € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 529
iPhone SE € 99, ​​- € 29, – / € 99, ​​- € 320

* The deductible for a screen repair is lower than for other repairs. This also applies to the costs of these repairs if you do not have AppleCare.

With the iPhones you see that the maximum amount for AppleCare is 229 euros, and that the amount is lower for cheaper iPhones. For the iPhone SE (which is no longer sold by Apple itself, but can still be obtained through other stores ) it is not even half: 99 euros.

Relatively speaking, AppleCare is cheaper on the more expensive iPhones: 229 euros is about 18% of the purchase price for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, while 99 euros for the iPhone SE is a percentage of about 30%.

AppleCare iPad costs

Product Costs AppleCare Own risk Purchase price
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) € 139, – € 49, – € 1119, –
iPad Pro (11-inch) € 139, – € 49, – € 899, –
iPad Air € 79, – € 49, – € 569, –
10.2-inch iPad € 99, ​​- € 79, – € 389, –
iPad Mini 5 € 79, – € 49, – € 459, –

An advantage of AppleCare with the iPad is that it also offers immediate coverage for the Apple Pencil , with a deductible of 29 euros.

Costs AppleCare Apple Watch

Product Costs AppleCare Own risk Purchase price
Apple Watch Series 5 € 65, – € 99, ​​- € 449, –
Apple Watch Nike € 65, – € 99, ​​- € 449, –
Apple Watch Series 3 € 65, – € 65, – € 229, –

If you regularly use the Apple Watch during exercise, and especially if you do more extreme sports, it can be wise to purchase AppleCare +.

With a 44mm Apple Watch Series 5 you pay almost 500 euros for a new Apple Watch.

Do you see the chances that something will go wrong during a workout? Then it may be better to invest 65 euros (and later 99 euros deductible, for a total of 164 euros).

Cost AppleCare Mac

Product Costs AppleCare Purchase price
MacBook Air € 249, – € 1249, –
13-inch MacBook Pro € 299, – € 1499, –
15-inch MacBook Pro / 16-inch MacBook Pro € 449, – € 2699, –
21.5-inch iMac € 219, – € 1297.91
27-inch iMac € 219, – € 2099, –
iMac Pro € 219, – € 5,497.91-
Mac mini € 119, – € 899, –

The deductible for the Mac is 99 euros for damage to your screen or the external housing. Is the damage different? Then your deductible is 259 euros.

Costs AppleCare (other)

Product Costs AppleCare Own risk Purchase price
iPod touch € 59, – € 29, – € 229, –
Apple TV HD € 29, – € 0, – € 159, –
Apple TV 4K € 29, – € 0, – € 199, –
AirPods € 39, – € 29, – € 179, –
AirPods Pro € 39, – € 29, – € 279, –

You can order via for all products via this link:

Cost of repair without AppleCare

The costs for a repair without AppleCare are of course also important in this case.

If AppleCare costs 150 euros for your product with a 50 euros deductible, but a repair is a maximum of 210 euros, AppleCare is probably not very interesting.

Not all costs are made fully transparent by Apple, but we have listed them as accurately as possible. (You can always check current prices via the Apple website .)

Costs iPhone repair without AppleCare

Product Repair screen Repair battery Other repair
iPhone 12 Pro Max € 361.10 € 75, – € 641.10
iPhone 12 Pro € 311.10 € 75, – € 591.10
iPhone 12 € 311.10 € 75, – € 477.10
iPhone 12 mini € 251.10 € 75, – € 431.10
iPhone 11 Pro Max € 361.10 € 75, – € 641.10
iPhone 11 Pro € 311.10 € 75, – € 591.10
iPhone 11 € 221.10 € 75, – € 431.10
iPhone XS Max € 361.10 € 75, – € 641.10
iPhone XS € 311.10 € 75, – € 591.10
iPhone XR € 221.10 € 75, – € 431.10
iPhone X € 311.10 € 75, – € 591.10
iPhone 8 Plus € 191.10 € 55, – € 431.10
iPhone 8 € 171.10 € 55, – € 381.10
iPhone 7 Plus € 191.10 € 55, – € 381.10
iPhone 7 € 171.10 € 55, – € 351.10
iPhone 6s Plus € 191.10 € 55, – € 361.10
iPhone 6s € 171.10 € 55, – € 331.10
iPhone SE € 151.10 € 55, – € 291.10

In the newer models, we see that replacing the battery costs 75 euros. In older models it is replaced 55 euros.

Before you have your battery replaced, however, it can be a good idea to check if your battery is really broken, or if there are methods to last longer on the iPhone .

Costs iPad repair without AppleCare

Product Cost of repair
iPad mini 4 € 331.10
iPad mini 5 € 331.10
iPad (2017) € 281.10
iPad (2018) € 281.10
10.2-inch iPad (2019) € 281.10
iPad Air (2018) € 421.10
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) € 491.10
iPad Pro (11-inch) € 541.10
iPad Pro 12.9-inch € 711.10

The costs for the repair of an iPad can therefore add up to the more expensive models. Screen costs are the same as other costs here.

Costs for a battery repair are always 109 euros for the iPad, for all models.

Costs Apple Watch repair without AppleCare

Product Repair other
Apple Watch Series 3 € 181.10
Apple Watch Series 4 € 341.10
Apple Watch Series 5 € 341.10

Out of warranty repair costs for the battery of an Apple Watch are always € 97.10.

Apple Watch Nike models have the same repair costs as any other model from that series. (So ​​an Apple Watch Series 5 Nike edition is $ 341.10, but an Apple Watch Series 3 Nike + edition is $ 181.10.)

Cost Mac repair without AppleCare

The cost of repairing your Mac varies greatly as it depends very much on the actual repair and model.

Replacing a screen in a 13-inch MacBook Air is very different from a 27-inch iMac.

Costs for battery problems are fixed:

**Product** ** Repair costs **
11-inch MacBook Air € 139
13-inch MacBook Air € 139
12-inch MacBook € 209
13-inch MacBook Pro € 209
15-inch MacBook Pro € 209
16-inch MacBook Pro € 209

Calculation example repair costs with and without AppleCare

As a concrete example, let’s take an iPhone 8 with a broken screen. AppleCare for the iPhone 8 is 149 euros. If the screen breaks, you also have a deductible of 29 euros.

Calculation example screen broken

Total costs for a repair with AppleCare: € 149 + € 29 = € 179

A screen repair for an iPhone 8 without AppleCare costs € 181.10.

So with AppleCare you save a total of € 3.10.

Even if you are worried about breaking the screen of your iPhone 8, it is probably not very interesting to shut down AppleCare. Or you have to be very sure that it will happen, of course, but then you might be better off with a good case for 40 euros (or possibly 60 euros if you want to go a bit more luxurious ). 😉

apple care insuranceA good case for your iPhone can also make a difference

Second repair calculation example

On the other hand, you are of course entitled to two repairs with AppleCare +. So if it happens twice, the sum becomes:

€ 149 + € 29 + € 29 = € 207 (the deductible is per incident and must therefore be calculated both times)

Without AppleCare, the costs are twice € 181.10:

€ 181.10 + € 181.10 = € 362.20.

In this case you save € 155.20 with AppleCare. But then you have to destroy your iPhone 8 screen twice .

Calculation example other damage to an iPhone

If we look at “other damage”, AppleCare will become interesting more quickly. With Applecare it is: € 149 + € 99 = € 248 .

Without it it is € 401.10.

That is a difference of (€ 401.10 – € 248 =) 153.10 .

So you will have to decide for yourself why you want to take out AppleCare, and based on the costs you will be able to see whether it is interesting for you.

Of course, also take the considerations below into account.

Do I need AppleCare

Do I need AppleCare?

We can of course present the costs in many ways, but the question in the end is: do you need it?

That answer will be different for everyone, and is a personal consideration. To help you make the right choice, here are a number of points to consider in your decision.

I am entitled to a warranty anyway?

You may also already know that you are in any case entitled to a two-year warranty under European regulations. Apple knows and recognizes this too . The benefits of AppleCare are extra and sometimes also make the process easier.

You right These are means to guarantee not always mean you also so similar get , so maybe you’ll need to send or to do some calls an angry letter.

This is a problem you don’t have with AppleCare, where you just get immediate help without any hassle. So you also pay a little for the “luxury” of being helped without hassle.
(You could argue that getting help without hassle shouldn’t be a luxury, but that’s a separate discussion. 😉)

Furthermore, the quick access to Apple’s service desk is of course an advantage.

Accidents are arranged inexpensively

Worried about dropping your iPhone and breaking the screen? Accidents are never covered by a regular warranty, so AppleCare + insurance can help.

$ 29 for a replacement is probably a lot cheaper than having the screen replaced or even having to buy a new phone.

Moreover, you do not have to consider whether you go with a third party (where quality is always the question in the long term), or simply with Apple itself.

AppleCare does not protect against loss and theft

An important disadvantage of AppleCare is that you are not insured against loss or theft .

If that’s your main concern – which certainly wouldn’t be strange with an iPhone if you spend a lot of time in crowded places – AppleCare isn’t the right choice for you.

You could then look at alternatives to AppleCare.

alternatives to AppleCare

Should someone break in and steal your Mac, you are not covered by AppleCare +. Your household insurance will probably cover this.

AppleCare makes your repair faster

If you are very dependent on your Apple equipment, there is one last advantage: it is arranged super fast.

Thanks to express delivery you can continue working the same day, but good backups are of course required.

With the Express Replacement service you will first receive a different model. You return your old model when you have the new one, and you are never without it.

You still pay € 99 for this. Still, this can be worthwhile if you are very dependent on your iPhone, for example.

Your computer has a higher residual value (for second-hand sales)

A final advantage comes up when you want to sell your Mac second-hand : a Mac with warranty, especially with AppleCare +, generally makes more money. Sometimes even more than the AppleCare originally cost.

Of course, the same applies to the second-hand sale of iPhones and iPads .

How do you handle your (Apple) stuff?

An open door perhaps, but it is worthwhile to think about it for a moment: how do you handle your belongings?

Of course you have people on both ends of the spectrum here: there are people who put their iPhone without a case in the same pocket as keys, and carry a MacBook Pro open by holding it by the screen.

Other people find the ten seconds of iPhone coming out of the box and going to the case one of the scariest things out there, and forbid anyone to come near the Mac with a glass of water or coffee.

Where you fall on this spectrum determines to a reasonable extent whether you can use AppleCare. You more or less pay for the claims of people in the first category, of course, even if you yourself are very careful.

apple i care insurance

Is your iPhone regularly saved only by a cable? Then consider AppleCare

In what environment do you use your Apple products?

An iPad that is mainly on your coffee table may not happen that quickly. Do you use the same iPad to carry out daily inspections on construction sites? Then the chance of damage is quickly greater.

That is why the environment in which you get your products is also very important. Even though you may be careful, there are just places where you are more likely to get damage to your products.

So, do you need AppleCare?

Ultimately, you probably don’t need AppleCare, but it can get you started a little faster and provide a little extra security. Whether that is worth the amount depends on your own situation and how you use the devices.

Can I always buy AppleCare?

The easiest way to arrange AppleCare for your new Apple device is to arrange it directly at the time of purchase.

In physical stores, as well as most online sellers, you can immediately indicate that you want AppleCare.

Didn’t you do that, but do you still want it now? Depending on your device, you can close it later.

When purchasing a Mac or AppleTV, you have one year (from the date of purchase) to purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan. For iPads, iPhones, iPods and Apple Watches, this is only 90 days.

The AppleCare (+) warranty then applies from the date of purchase. So when you buy AppleCare after 11 months you are entitled to the warranty for the 25 months after that, not 36.

You can check your eligibility for AppleCare by checking your serial number on the Apple website.

On the Mac, find your serial number by clicking the  menu (top left of your screen), followed by About This Mac. Here you will find the serial number in the screen.

On the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, go to the Settings app and find it under General -> About.

Can I always buy AppleCare

A Mac that qualifies for AppleCare

How do I buy AppleCare?

If you have not purchased AppleCare directly in the store, you can do this afterward.

For the Mac, you can buy this separately at various stores, including Apple itself.

Nowadays, however, it is more difficult to find the right AppleCare products separately. It is then often easier to order directly from Apple.

To order AppleCare, choose one of the following methods:

  • Order online at using your serial number;
  • Go to an Apple Store, with proof of purchase, within 30 days, where your Apple will be inspected by a representative;
  • Via the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Under “General”, then “Info”, you may find a button to order AppleCare +. This button is only present if that iPhone is still entitled to AppleCare.
  • Call 0800 020 1581, where you must carry out a test yourself and provide proof of purchase. You can use this option in the first 60 days after purchase. (If you prefer to call to obtain information, and not to order immediately, call 0800 0200 570 )

After your order, you can also reverse AppleCare within 30 days if you decide not to.

Check your AppleCare status

To check if you can still order AppleCare, or see if AppleCare is still active, you need to enter your serial number on an Apple website.

Even if you buy a second-hand product that is said to have AppleCare on it, you can use this website to check.

The check can be done via

Check your AppleCare status

iPhone with the option to purchase AppleCare

You can find the serial number of your device on your Mac under the Apple menu at About this Mac. On iOS, you can see this in the Settings app under General and then About.

On some models, you can also see directly here at “Info” whether this iPhone / iPad already has AppleCare + and until when.purchase AppleCare

An iPhone with AppleCare + can indicate this date in the Settings app

Alternatives to AppleCare

Don’t want to use AppleCare +? For a variety of reasons, it may make more sense to use something else.

Fortunately, there are also several alternatives to AppleCare.

Insurance instead of AppleCare

For example, you can usually take out insurance for your iPhone with the provider (these are often very expensive), or via the telephone shop.

Apple Premium Resellers like Amac sell their own insurance with a name like “iCare”. This often goes through a third party for your claims and repairs to be done at the Amac.

The costs of such insurance are often around 10 to 15 euros, which can be more expensive than AppleCare.

Your “normal” insurance, such as a (comprehensive) home contents insurance or valuables insurance can in some cases already cover enough damage.

Therefore, always ask your insurer what the options and conditions are.

Especially in the event of theft, it is always important to be careful. For example, it must often be possible to demonstrate burglary, or even injury. This means that you may receive compensation for your iPhone if a robber also hits you hard in the head, but not if they just take your iPhone.

On the other hand, an insurer that is easier with this is likely to provide higher premiums, because this is of course extremely susceptible to fraud. In this way, you as an honest user contribute to the fraud of someone else.

You will have to decide for yourself whether that is worthwhile.

Extended warranty with Apple resellers

Finally, you can look at the warranty policies of certain stores. Some websites, such as MediaMarkt and Amac , offer longer guarantees than Apple does.

Always inquire carefully about the current conditions before making a purchase, because this can sometimes suddenly be reversed.

Insurance or AppleCare?

  • Many insurance policies are not valid abroad, which AppleCare is;
  • A major disadvantage of AppleCare is that it does not protect against loss or theft, which other insurance policies do. Meanwhile, with the American AppleCare +, there is a separate version of AppleCare + that does cover against theft. It is not known whether this will come to Europe;
  • Insurers may provide you with a “refurbished” (second-hand, but properly checked) device with a claim. You are entitled to a new device via AppleCare +.

This way, each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you can see for yourself what suits you best. Depending on your wishes, this can be AppleCare (arranged quickly, always good service, but costs a little more) or simply expand your existing insurance a little.

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