Backup WhatsApp chats in the cloud with Huawei Mobile Services

It is now possible to backup messaging apps with Huawei Cloud on phones with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). This way you can store WhatsApp and Telegram conversations in the cloud.

Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud has a new feature that makes it possible to backup conversations in messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Messenger on phones with HMS. WhatsApp normally works with Google Drive for cloud backups, but it doesn’t work on phones with HMS. With the latest update of Huawei Cloud from the AppGallery, Huawei can take on that role so that you can easily transfer your conversations backup WhatsApp Huawei mobile services.

To use the feature, you must have the latest version of Huawei Cloud that you can download from the AppGallery. You can then access Huawei Cloud from the ‘Settings’> ‘Huawei ID’> ‘Cloud’. Then follow the next steps.The Huawei Cloud app

The Huawei Cloud app


> In Huawei Cloud, tap on ‘Cloud Backup’

> Switch on ‘Cloud backup’ with the switch if necessary

> Tap on ‘Backup options’

> Select ‘App data’ at the bottom

> Switch on all apps you want to backup with a switch

Keep in mind that, unlike the backups in Drive, you don’t have unlimited storage if you keep your conversations via Huawei Cloud. Every Huawei users get 5 GB of cloud storage for free, but you can also use that to keep your photos safe in the cloud. You can expand that storage to 50 GB, 200 GB, or 2048 GB on the basis of a monthly, semi-annual, or annual subscription.

Huawei Mobile Services comes with novelties at a fast pace. You can now also find and update third-party apps more easily. Are you going to backup your WhatsApp conversations with Huawei Cloud now? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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